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You’re driving your 2012 GMC Yukon, and you notice a slight vibration. Could it be a tire pressure imbalance? Perhaps wearing rotors? You’re unsure, so you take it to Mike Combs, service manager at Matthews Buick GMC in Marion, Indiana.


Combs grabs one of his favorite specialized tools – an NVH oscilloscope diagnostic kit – and hooks it up to your Yukon. After a short test-drive, the tool analyzes the vibration and pinpoints precisely where it’s coming from. Thanks to their efficient tool organization system, Combs knew exactly where to go to find the right tool for the job.


Their comprehensive tool system is comprised of row after row of swinging tool boards that hold just about any tool a technician might need, everything from essential recommended tools to highly specialized tools – such as the oscilloscope.


“Many of the tools we use are GM-specific, and non-GM auto shops may not have them on hand,” says Combs.


Among the tools Combs is referring to, you can find complex diagnostic equipment such as the Active Fuel Injector Testing Kit – which utilizes microprocessor technology with GM-specific software. Or simpler, OEM specific tools – such as the specialized alternator decoupler – that help ensure the job gets done right.


All these tools are coded and listed in a ledger, which the service manager can reference to locate them quickly. It’s Combs’ job to monitor and maintain the organized tool system at Matthews Buick GMC – and he knows the importance of it.


“Our ultimate goal is fast turnaround. Time is so crucial because many customers rely on their GMCs for their jobs and livelihoods,” says Combs. In his 20 years of service experience, he has seen the benefits of an organized tool system. In the past, he can remember technicians spending a lot of time looking for a tool – or even having to wait to borrow or buy the right tool. “Now, this system allows us to be more efficient. That means less downtime for the customer and, ultimately, a better overall experience.”


The vehicles we drive are constantly evolving. With these advancements, the demand for specialized tools and equipment is greater than ever. An organized tool system is just one more way GMC Certified Service lives up to the standard of Professional Grade.

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