The GMC Yukon full-size SUV serves as a valuable, dependable tool to countless American households.
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GMC Yukon: Filling the Need for a Full-Size SUV

It might sound surprising, but full-size SUVs like the GMC Yukon are experiencing a renaissance of sorts.

James Bell, Head of Consumer Affairs at General Motors, follows and reports on auto industry trends and advancements that affect the consumer.

Before I joined GM in 2011, I was the Executive Market Analyst at Kelly Blue Book. In many ways, my work there felt as if I was presiding over a funeral from afar. Back in 2008, the entire U.S. economy was downtrodden, but the automotive industry was essentially against the ropes. A combination of high fuel prices, reduced personal spending, and virtually zero consumer access to credit deeply impacted the types of vehicles being sold. Not surprisingly, large or full-size SUVs were one of the hardest-hit segments in the industry.

It might sound surprising, but six years later, full-size SUVs are experiencing a renaissance of sorts. Since customers are using more rationale and logical decision making in their vehicle shopping, we’re not quite seeing the same wild growth as we did in the “boom” years of the late 1990s and early 2000s, but there are still buyers who need a full-size SUV, like the GMC Yukon.

Today’s SUV customers truly need a vehicle of this capacity, ability, and utility to tackle their work, transport their family, and enjoy their recreational pursuits. The GMC Yukon will serve as a valuable, dependable tool to countless American households when it’s time to work at the job site, shuttle kids between shopping trips and soccer fields, or when the weekend arrives and it’s time to tow a boat, horse trailer, or camper.

Thanks to advances in materials, combustion technologies, and aerodynamics, today’s Yukon owner can trust that his or her SUV will be as kind to their wallet and budget as it is to their sense of style. Plus, when you consider the degree of comfort and entertainment technology packed inside, it is truly the perfect vehicle for that “Great American Road Trip.”