GMC vehicles are equipped with innovative, advanced suspension systems that refine every turn and bump in the road. From our unique StabiliTrak® stability control system to Eaton® heavy-duty automatic locking rear differential technology, GMC SUV and truck suspensions provide Professional Grade GMC performance and peace of mind.

GMC truck suspension system

Suspension Technology and Features

Just as there’s a GMC vehicle for every job, there’s an advanced suspension system made to meet the demands it’s created for. From heavy towing and hauling to impressive off-road performance, our suspension packages deliver the performance you need, along with smoother rides, tighter turns, impressive traction, and added peace of mind.

Part of the GMC Yukon's suspension technology is the Traction Control System

Fully Independent Front Suspension

For superior ride comfort with no sacrifice to strength, GMC trucks and SUVs feature independent front suspension systems. Sierra 1500 models, as well as most Yukons, use a strong, compact coil-over-shock system for a tight turning radius and a smooth ride. An innovative torsion bar, part of the suspension systems on both the Sierra HD and Yukon 2500 series, alleviates the constant punishment of heavy-duty hauling and towing.

Z71 Off-Road Suspension

When your Sierra, Yukon, or Canyon takes you off the beaten path, GMC Z71 off-road suspension is the perfect companion. Designed to accommodate large-suspension inputs with minimal impact to highway ride and handling, it includes (depending on your model) increased-rate springs, shock absorbers, jounce bumpers, a high-capacity air cleaner, and a stabilizer bar. Frame-mounted shields protect the underbody, oil pan, differential case, and transfer case.

Eaton Heavy-Duty Automatic Locking Rear Differential

Only GMC truck and full-size SUV suspensions offer the option of a fully automatic locking rear differential for on- or off-road use. When the Eaton Locker senses a difference in speed between the left and right rear wheels, it locks to turn both rear wheels in unison for added traction.

StabiliTrak Stability Control System

StabiliTrak technology relies on an innovative network of vehicle sensors to monitor how your GMC vehicle is responding to your steering and braking commands on loose, snowy, icy, wet, or uneven road. If the system determines your vehicle is not responding properly, it will pulse the brakes or reduce engine power to help you stay on your intended path.

GMC Sierra Truck Suspension Systems have multileaf rear springs that engage progressively when their bed- or hitch-load increases

Reinforced Steel Safety Cage Design

Every Sierra truck is engineered with a robust body structure made to help maintain the integrity of the passenger compartment. All steel from wheel to wheel, the body is designed to crumple in a controlled manner in a collision, absorbing as much energy in a crash as possible.

Multileaf Rear Springs

For big load capacity when you need it—and a smoother ride when you don’t—Sierra truck suspension systems have multileaf rear springs that engage progressively as the load on your bed or hitch increases. Rear leaf springs are three inches wide, with two stages of depression for 2500HD models, and three for 3500HD models.

Rear Level Control

For a stable, level ride height under any load or passenger condition, GMC Yukon SUVs feature Rear Level Control as a part of their available AutoRide® suspension system. This feature constantly senses and adjusts Yukon’s rear suspension height and uses an onboard compressor to pressurize air bladders inside the rear shocks until the vehicle is level.

Traction Control System

To make the most of the available traction on any road surface, Yukon’s traction control system measures and compares the speed of all four wheels. If it senses one or more wheels starting to spin or slip, the system applies the correct brake pressure required by each individual wheel, and then manages the engine power to maintain traction and control.