Add GMC accessories to your 2017 Yukon Denali full-size luxury SUV that are professionally designed, engineered, tested and backed to GMC's standards for quality.

Yukon Denali Accessories

Adding accessories to your Yukon is as easy as talking to your GMC dealership's sales and service staff. GMC Accessories can be installed right at the dealership before you take delivery —or even when you stop in for an oil change. And every GMC Accessoryis professionally designed, engineered, tested and backed to GMC's standards for quality, convenience and peace of mind.

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  • Roof Rack Cross Rails
    Roof Rack Cross Rails
    These stylish cross rails attach to the factory Roof Rack Side Rails. They utilize the industry-standard T-slot attachments and serve as the base-mount for cargo carriers and other cargo management accessories. Available in a Black finish.
    MSRP - $210
  • Cargo Net
    Cargo Net
    Secure items in your vehicle with these utility restraint nettings. This black envelope style cargo net attaches to the sides of the cargo area to secure small, light items in your vehicle.
    MSRP - $50
  • Cargo Organizer
    Cargo Organizer
    This Front Center Console Expandable Tote hangs in the front console like a file folder. It is great for storing small items like a cellphone, CDs, DVDs, etc. while you travel.
    MSRP - $35
  • Security Shade
    Security Shade
    Conceal your possessions using this retractable Cargo Shade. Tension rod extensions allow for easy installation and removal.
    MSRP - $195
  • Headphones - Associated Accessories
    Headphones - Associated Accessories
    Enjoy the ride in your vehicle with these Premium 2-Channel IR Wireless Headphones with active noise cancelling by Bongiovi®. Associated Accessories, non-GM warranty. For details on the warranty provided by Bongiovi®, please call (866) 443-4437.
    MSRP - $149
  • Rear Seat Entertainment System
    Rear Seat Entertainment System
    Make time fly for your rear-seat passengers with a Dual DVD Rear Seat Entertainment System. The dual LCD monitors and DVD players are mounted to the rear of the front seat head restraints. Wireless headphones and a single remote control allow rear passengers to enjoy the audio program without distur...
    MSRP - $1,995
  • Wireless Headphones
    Wireless Headphones
    These dual-channel wireless Headphones are perfect for families needing an extra or replacement set. Compatible with GM factory and GM Accessory Rear-Seat Entertainment systems.
    MSRP - $100
  • Wireless Network Interface
    Wireless Network Interface
    The GMC Mobile Wi-Fi Connectivity Package turns your Yukon into a complete mobile hotspot, so everyone can stay entertained and keep in touch. It allows for a 3G connection to any wireless device providing access to Facebook, YouTube and more. Plus, Parental Controls let parents assign rules to tee...
    MSRP - $535
  • Assist Steps - Rectangular
    Assist Steps - Rectangular
    Stylish 6-inch Rectangular Assist Steps with black textured step pads make it easier to get in and out of your Yukon. Chrome finish adds great style and excellent corrosion protection.
    MSRP - $650 to $700
  • Bodyside Molding
    Bodyside Molding
    Add a finished look to the exterior of your Yukon with this Front and Rear Side Door Bodyside Molding Package.
    MSRP - $200
  • Bodyside Molding Package - Associated Accessories
    Bodyside Molding Package - Associated Accessories
    Long lasting materials designed to withstand the rigors of the elements. Installs easily with no cutting or drilling required. Matches OEM Chrome. Non-GM Warranty. Warranty by Putco Incorporated. For support, email Customer Service at or call 1-800-247-3974
    MSRP - $79 to $229
  • Door Handles
    Door Handles
    These Chrome Door Handles replace the production door handles to give your Yukon a stylish and personalized look.
    MSRP - $145
  • Grille
    Add a distinctive appearance to your vehicle with a Grille specially designed for Yukon.
    MSRP - $495
  • Mirror Caps
    Mirror Caps
    Make a statement with chrome Outside Rearview Mirror Covers.
    MSRP - $100
  • Molded Hood Protector - Associated Accessories
    Molded Hood Protector - Associated Accessories
    Deflect road debris and insects while helping to shield the hood of your Yukon from stone damage with this custom-designed Molded Hood Protector. Provides a precise fit by following the contour of your hood. Available in Chrome and Smoke. Non-GM warranty. Warranty by Lund®. For information, call 1-8...
    MSRP - $89 to $165
  • Side Window Weather Deflector - Associated Accessories
    Side Window Weather Deflector - Associated Accessories
    These custom-molded Side Window Weather Deflectors let fresh air in while helping to keep rain sleet and snow out. Plus they help reduce wind noise and sunlight glare. Available in Smoke. Contact your dealership for more information. Non-GM warranty. Warranty by Lund®. For information, call 1-800-24...
    MSRP - $89
  • Skid Plate
    Skid Plate
    This Under Body Shield helps protect the underside of your vehicle from road debris that can harm key mechanical components. It’s an important feature to have, especially for driving off-road.
    MSRP - $250
  • Splash Guards - Molded
    Splash Guards - Molded
    Custom-designed Molded Splash Guards fit directly behind the wheels to help protect against tire splash and mud. Specially designed for your vehicle, they include styling features that accent the exterior of your vehicle.
    MSRP - $50 to $125
  • Window Trim - Associated Accessories
    Window Trim - Associated Accessories
    Enhances the look of your truck for a true custom look! Made with long lasting material designed to withstand the rigors of the elements. Matches OEM Chrome.. Non-GM Warranty. Warranty by Putco Incorporated. For support, email Customer Service at or call 1-800-247-3974
    MSRP - $149 to $179
  • Cargo Organizer
    Cargo Organizer
    Make better use of the front center console storage bin with this removable Front Floor Console Organizer. Designed for an exact fit, it transforms the tall bin into a two-tiered storage compartment. Larger items can be stored below the organizer while smaller items, such as CDs, DVDs and cell phone...
    MSRP - $50
  • Door Sill Plates - Illuminated
    Door Sill Plates - Illuminated
    Enhance the appearance of your front door sills with these stylish Door Sill Plates. Brushed stainless steel plates feature the GMC logo on the front set.
    MSRP - $325
  • Floor Liners - Premium All-Weather
    Floor Liners - Premium All-Weather
    Get maximum protection for the interior of your vehicle with these Premium All-Weather Floor Liners for the front row. Specifically designed for your vehicle, they provide precise coverage around the interior trim, driver pedals, seat tracks and door jambs for substantial carpet coverage and better ...
    MSRP - $80 to $110
  • Floor Mats - Carpet Replacement
    Floor Mats - Carpet Replacement
    These Premium Carpet Floor Mats provide a perfect fit and a high quality carpeted surface to help protect the floor of your vehicle from mud, water, road salt and dirt.
    MSRP - $80 to $100
  • Floor Mats - Premium All-Weather
    Floor Mats - Premium All-Weather
    These Premium All-Weather Floor Mats conform to the vehicle's contours, while nibs on the back help hold them in place. The custom-designed, deep-patterned grid helps collect rain, mud, snow and debris.
    MSRP - $40 to $80
  • Smoker's Package
    Smoker's Package
    This convenient package is perfect for those who choose to smoke in their vehicle. It fits perfectly into the standard cupholder and is easy to remove. It includes an ashtray as well as lighter.
    MSRP - $25
  • Sunshade Package - Front
    Sunshade Package - Front
    The windshield Sunshade Package helps keep your all-new Yukon cooler on hot, sunny days and helps protect the dashboard against sun damage. It folds up and fits in an included storage bag. Both the Sunshade and the bag feature the GMC logo.
    MSRP - $100
  • Exhaust System – Associated Accessories
    Exhaust System – Associated Accessories
    Get maximum performance from Borla™ patented race-bred technology and engineering with this Cat-Back Exhaust System constructed of quality T-304 austenitic stainless steel for ultimate corrosion resistance. Music to the ears the exhaust tone incorporates the right sound enhancements at all RPMs. Exc...
    MSRP - $1,249
  • Exhaust Tip
    Exhaust Tip
    Add a sporty appearance to your Yukon with a highly polished, T-304 stainless steel exhaust tip. For use with OE exhaust system only.
    MSRP - $105
  • Exhaust Tip - Associated Accessories
    Exhaust Tip - Associated Accessories
    Add a sporty appearance to your vehicle with these dual-walled, highly-polished exhaust tips by Borla®. These exhaust tips are angled cut and finished in either Bright or Black Chrome. For Borla® exhaust systems only. Associated Accessories, non-GM warranty. Borla® provides a 1,000,000 mile manufact...
    MSRP - $149 to $189
  • Reflective Triangle
    Reflective Triangle
    Signal caution to other drivers during unexpected roadside stops or other emergency events with this Reflective Triangle. It folds up into a convenient carrying case when not in use.
    MSRP - $15
  • Wheel Lock and Nut Package
    Wheel Lock and Nut Package
    Help deter thieves from taking the wheels off your vehicle with this wheel lock and nut package, featuring a unique key.
    MSRP - $140
  • Wheel Lock Kit
    Wheel Lock Kit
    Help deter thieves from taking the wheels off your vehicle with this Wheel Lock Kit, which includes 4 locks and a unique key.
    MSRP - $50
  • Hitch Ball Assembly
    Hitch Ball Assembly
    This standard-size Hitch Ball Assembly comes complete with a Chrome finish tow ball, washer and retaining nut. Designed to fit an available ball mount assembly (sold separately). Before you buy a vehicle or use it for trailering, carefully review the trailering section of the Owner’s Manual. The wei...
    MSRP - $20 to $25
  • Hitch Ball Mount Assembly
    Hitch Ball Mount Assembly
    This standard size ball mount package contains the tubular steel welded ball mount, retainer pin and clip for easy installation and removal. Available in different height offsets to meet your towing needs. Standard ball assemblies are also available. Before you buy a vehicle or use it for traileri...
    MSRP - $30 to $40
  • Hitch Cover
    Hitch Cover
    Finish off the back of your vehicle with this custom-molded Trailer Hitch Closeout that hides the receiver opening when the Ball Mount Assembly has been removed. Select body colors.
    MSRP - $25
  • Tow Hooks
    Tow Hooks
    Add functionality and enhance the appearance of your vehicle with Chrome or Black Recovery Hooks. They’re only to be used for vehicle recovery.* *To avoid the risk of injury, never use recovery hooks to tow a vehicle. Not available with Denali/Denali XL or when equipped with Adaptive Cruise Control...
    MSRP - $70 to $150
  • Trailer Hitch Pin
    Trailer Hitch Pin
    Protect your trailering products with this locking hitch pin. This heavy duty hitch pin securely locks a ball mount to your vehicle's 2" trailer hitch receiver. This hitch pin also reduces the rattle motion/noise that can occur between the ball mount and hitch receiver.
    MSRP - $40
  • Trailer Wiring Adapter
    Trailer Wiring Adapter
    Use your trailering wiring harness to power other devices through the custom-designed adapter that converts a seven-pin trailer harness to a 12-volt power outlet. The seven-pin round to four-pin flat adapter allows for easy connection of trailer wiring harnesses that only require the standard four-p...
    MSRP - $35 to $40