Determining Towing Capacity

Did you know that you should follow towing specs when you are towing a load? Many people do not. You cannot pull anything you want just because your truck or SUV has a hitch. When you pull a load, it affects the stability, handling, and transmission of your vehicle.


GMC does extensive testing on every truck and SUV. These punishing tests push vehicles to the extreme limits in order to determine the ability of each truck and SUV to keep you and your family safe.


GMC provides a towing and capacity chart to inform you on the maximum towing specs that your truck or SUV can handle. When you exceed these limits, the handling of the truck is affected, putting yourself, your family, and others in danger.


When using the towing capacity chart provided by GMC, you must understand that the weights and figures provided are based on the following:


  • Your GMC truck or SUV being properly equipped
  • Taking into consideration any load that you have in the bed of the truck or inside the SUV
  • The weight of the passengers you are carrying


When you use the towing capacity chart, remember that the weights given are maximum values; you should never exceed them. For instance, the towing capacity of the GMC Sierra 1500 is 10,700 pounds. If the total passenger weight is 600 pounds and the load within the bed of the truck is an additional 500 pounds, then the maximum weight of the load on the trailer can never exceed 9,600 pounds, or you will be over the rated load limit.


When you exceed recommended towing capacities, you create a situation in which you have braking issues that could be potentially fatal; possibly damage or even destroy your transmission, resulting in expensive repairs; and overheating problems, which also may result in expensive repairs.