A GMC transmission is a sophisticated tool designed to help you realize the full potential of your Sierra 1500, Sierra HD, or Yukon GMC-exclusive technology, such as our DURAMAX® Allison® transmission, makes GMC truck and SUV transmissions your pro-grade partner for tackling any challenge.

DURAMAX Allison Transmissions make GMC truck and SUV transmissions professional grade

Transmission Technology

Whether you need your GMC to deliver power, economy, or a mix of both, our transmissions are engineered and built to deliver.

GMC Sierra HD features the innovative Allison 1000 Series Transmissions

4-Speed Automatic Overdrive Transmission

Proven in millions of Sierras, this transmission gives you smooth, almost imperceptible shifts with the strength of millions of miles of experience. It’s engineered for durability and control, as well as an additional tow/haul mode to handle maximum loads with ease.

6-Speed Automatic Overdrive Transmission

Engineered for control and confidence in a wide variety of situations, our 6L80-E 6-Speed Automatic Overdrive Transmission is the ideal partner for GMC Vortec® engine power. Innovative technology and pro-grade engineering ensure that this transmission has what it takes to cut your steep climbs, long grades, and heavy loads down to size.

Hybrid Electronically Variable Transmission

To conserve fuel at low speeds or under light loads, the Hybrid Electronically Variable Transmission available on Yukon models has two integrated electronic motors that work together to deliver smooth, effortless power. When you’re traveling at higher speeds or towing a heavier load, it acts as a normal automatic transmission with Yukon’s 6.0L V8 VVT engine.

Allison 1000 Series 6-Speed Automatic with Overdrive

GMC has partnered with Allison—the company behind the transmission in the M1 army tank—to produce the Allison 1000 series. Exclusive to GMC DURAMAX Diesel engines, its innovative features deliver the confidence you need to handle the most challenging drives with ease.

Transmission Features

GMC transmissions are built to be smart as well as strong, with innovative technologies for greater power, control, and economy. From manual transmissions that deliver the ease of an automatic, to sensors that automatically detect when to use less or more power, acceleration, or braking, GMC transmissions deliver the performance you need, when you need it.

The GMC Yukon and Sierra Hybrid Transmissions feature a regenerative braking system

Driver Shift Control

Included with Sierra and Yukon 6-speed automatic transmissions, Driver Shift Control gives you the control of a 6-speed manual transmission with the convenience of an automatic. Move the shift lever to “M”, and you get fingertip “tap up/down” control of transmission gear selection.

Automatic Grade Braking

Automatic Grade Braking is one more safety feature available on GMC trucks and SUVs with a 6-speed transmission. It helps prevent unwanted acceleration and reduces the need to brake during a hill descent thanks to sensors that monitor braking, acceleration, throttle position, and even trailering conditions, and then command the transmission to remain in a lower gear if the vehicle is decelerating or coasting on a downgrade.

Regenerative Braking System

Regenerative braking turns the motors in Yukon and Sierra Hybrid transmissions into power generators during normal stops. The transmission decelerates the vehicle by applying resistance in the motors rather than the brakes. The captured energy gets stored in a 300-volt battery pack, ready for the vehicle’s next acceleration cycle.

Tow/Haul Mode

Available on Savana, Sierra, Yukon, and Acadia, tow/haul mode raises transmission up-shift and down-shift points to alternately give you more power to accelerate, and greater access to engine compression for deceleration with less noise and harshness. Excess shifting when towing or hauling excessive loads is also reduced.