When it comes to safety, we set our standards high so that every GMC truck, crossover, SUV and van delivers peace of mind, whether you’re traveling with family or on the job site. Each GMC model comes equipped with vehicle safety technologies engineered to keep you and your passengers safe. Many models also have additional safety technologies available, including Rear Vision Camera, Forward Collision Alert, and Lane Departure Warning, all designed to help you avert a crash before it happens. Additional vehicle safety innovations, such as reinforced safety cages and energy-absorbing crush zones help protect you in the event that a collision does occur.

GMC trucks, crossovers, suvs, and vans are built with innovative vehicle safety technology

Braking Features

GMC vehicles are equipped with advanced vehicle safety technologies made for greater braking control, responsiveness, and peace of mind.

GMC vehicles are built with advanced vehicle safety technologies made for greater breaking control

Antilock Braking System

For confident stops in a variety of conditions, every GMC vehicle features a 3- or 4-channel antilock braking system that detects impending wheel lockup when brakes are applied sharply, and then pulses the brakes for greater control and vehicle safety.

Hill Start Assist

By sensing when your vehicle is parked on an incline and then holding full brake pressure for up to 1.5 seconds after you take your foot off the pedal, Hill Start Assist technology gives you the extra time you need to apply power and move forward safely.

Intelligent Brake Assist

Available in GMC Yukon and Sierra models, Intelligent Brake Assist technology senses an emergency stop, and then automatically enables higher braking force even before you can fully depress the brake. One more way GMC engineers deliver vehicle safety when you need it.

Diesel Exhaust Brake

A diesel exhaust brake is a safety technology included with Sierra HD models featuring our available DURAMAX® Diesel engine. It uses engine compression to create “negative torque” that helps to slow the vehicle, for an extra measure of braking confidence on long grades. It is factory-installed and calibrated to work with Sierra HD’s standard braking system.

Power Four-Wheel Disc Brakes

The most powerful Sierra HD pickup we’ve ever produced demanded the most powerful brakes we’ve ever developed. Another of GMC’s vehicle safety technologies, power four-wheel disc brakes measure a generous 14 inches in diameter and utilize twin piston calipers for greater torque and power. Acadia and Savana models have power four-wheel disc brakes as well.

Vehicle Safety Technologies That Help Avoid a Crash

Each GMC vehicle is made with a series of intelligent vehicle safety solutions engineered to help you avoid a collision. Available on certain models, our Rear Vision Camera system and Lane Departure Warning, as well as both Forward Collision Alert and Side Blind Zone Alert technologies, help to identify and warn you of potential collisions so that you can avert them altogether.

  • GMC vehicles are equipped with vehicle safety technologies that help avoid a crash

Rear Vision Camera System

The Rear Vision Camera system uses the vehicle’s 7-inch dashboard radio display to show real-time video of your rear view, making it easier to back up to a trailer or negotiate a tight space.

Forward Collision Alert and Lane Departure Warning

Two of the latest vehicle safety technologies available on some GMC models, Forward Collision Alert and Lane Departure Warning use sophisticated digital imaging technology to help you avoid a crash. Forward Collision Alert provides an audible and visual signal if you are rapidly approaching another vehicle and it appears a collision may be imminent. Lane Departure Warning alerts you if you happen to wander from your lane without using your turn signal.

Air Bag Features

Because our most important job is your well being, some of our most advanced air bag innovations come standard. These include frontal, head-curtain and seat-mounted side-impact and front center air bags, as well as dual-stage deployment and weight-sensing technologies created to better protect both you and your passengers in the event that an air bag is deployed.

  • The GMC Acadia has the industry's first front center air bag and other innovative vehicle safety technologies

Dual-Stage Frontal Air Bags1

Dual-stage frontal air bags, standard safety technology on most GMC models, are engineered to gauge the severity of a collision, and then deploy one or two levels of inflation in response, helping to reduce the risk of injury. Most GMC vehicles also feature a Passenger Sensing System that automatically turns off the outboard front-passenger air bag if an occupant is under the appropriate weight.

Head Curtain Side-Impact Air Bags2

Standard or available on all GMC models (Sierra Heavy Duty [HD] trucks included), head curtain side-impact air bags deploy from the vehicle roof rail like a protective curtain for outboard passengers in the event of a rollover or side-impact collision.

Seat-Mounted Side-Impact Air Bags1

Seat-mounted side-impact air bags help protect the thorax and pelvic regions of both the driver and outside front passenger in a side-impact collision, and are standard or available on most GMC truck, SUV, and crossover models.