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ACDelco recommends the right balance of Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) and Reserve Capacity (RC). A higher CCA battery will not start your car faster. This is due to gear reduction starters, lower viscosity oils, fuel injection, etc. The average car cranks no more than 3 seconds and as a result does not need more CCA than what the vehicle manufacturer recommends. With the addition of vehicle electronics, Reserve Capacity (RC) is becoming more important. Select a battery that has the right amount of CCA, found in your Owner’s Manual, and as much RC as you can.

When it comes to the right battery type to be installed in your GMC vehicle, you can rest assured knowing that ACDelco engineers work in lockstep with GM engineers at the forefront of innovation and technology to uphold the highest standards of quality, fit, and function. ACDelco Professional series batteries are manufactured with advanced features, including:

  • High density “negative” paste improves performance and increases life.
  • Enhanced-life alloy – silver calcium-stamped alloy increases cycle life and improves performance.
  • Calcium-lead “positive” grid and envelope separator designed to maximize conductivity and acid circulation.
  • Internal grids, welds, and overall design provide excellent vibration and corrosion resistance.