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Owner Quick Tips: How To Set And Use Your GMC’s Power Programmable Liftgate

Learn how GMC’s Power Programmable Liftgate is not only convenient, but can also be tailored to open without bumping obstacles that may be hanging inside your garage.

Not all garages or parking spots are created equal. If you regularly park in a spot with limited overhead clearance – be it a light fixture, a garage door track, or a kayak hanging from the rafters – fully opening a liftgate may not be feasible, let alone possible.

GMC has you covered. Our Power Programmable Liftgate, available on select Acadia, Terrain, and Yukon models, not only provides convenient access to your crossover or SUV’s cargo area, but is also designed to let you tailor its operation to best fit your needs.

GMC’s Power Programmable Liftgate is offered on the following models:



If your GMC is equipped with a Power Programmable Liftgate, adjusting how it operates is extremely easy. From the driver’s seat, look for the round liftgate switch. On Terrain and Yukon models, this control will be located on the overhead console. On Acadia models (excluding Acadia Limited), this switch is located on the driver’s door panel.

This switch has three positions – Max, ¾, and off. When rotated to the “MAX” setting, your GMC’s Power Programmable Liftgate will fully open to its highest position whenever the power liftgate function is activated. Rotate the switch to the ¾ mark, and the liftgate will only open to three-quarters of its full range of travel – perfect for avoiding low-hanging ceilings and other obstacles. Rotating the switch



Provided your GMC’s transmission is placed in park and the interior switch is rotated to either the “MAX” or “3/4” positions, opening the Power Programmable Liftgate is incredibly easy.

You can open the liftgate by:

  • Holding or double-pushing a button on the remote key fob (exact procedure may differ between models)
  • Pushing the center of the round switch used to adjust opening heights
  • Pushing the touch pad on the liftgate itself, provided the vehicle is unlocked or a keyless fob (if so equipped) is detected in range of the vehicle

Closing the Power Programmable Liftgate is equally easy. Simply:

  • Hold or double-push a button on the remote key fob
  • Push the center of the round interior switch
  • Push the hatch closing button, located on the bottom edge of the liftgate panel


Acadia Denali, Yukon SLT, and Yukon Denali models go a step further. These models include the Hands Free Power Programmable Liftgate. In addition to the features and functionality of the Power Programmable Liftgate described above, the Hands Free Power Programmable Liftgate also allows users to open and close the liftgate by kicking one of their feet underneath the rear bumper. This is perfect for times where you might find your hands full, and can’t grab a door handle or scrounge for a keyfob within a pocket or purse.


For more information on your GMC’s Power Programmable Liftgate, please consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Digital copies are available for reference and for download here. You can also find more information on your GMC’s features by visiting the GMC Owner Center.