Photo of a confident and capable GMC Sierra 2500 Denali HD pickup truck trailering a boat.
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Along with warm weather comes a host of new demands that rely on the precision engineering of your GMC.

The lake is calling. Home projects are piling up. It’s summer, and along with warm weather comes a host of new demands that rely on the precision engineering of your GMC – many of which hinge on trailering capability. Like a full-body workout, trailering utilizes every muscle in your GMC. So it’s critical to make sure every system is performing exactly the way it should before towing a trailer.


The best place to start is a trip to the Professional Grade service experts at your GMC dealer. In just a few minutes, they’ll perform a comprehensive Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection that covers most of your vehicle’s vital systems. They’ll examine everything from air conditioning, tires, and wipers, to your engine, transmission, exhaust, and more.


One area of focus for a vehicle that tows often will be the braking system. When you have hundreds, or even thousands of pounds of trailer weight behind your vehicle, the laws of inertia make stopping much more strenuous on your brakes. To maximize stopping power, it’s vital to have high-quality brake components professionally installed and regularly inspected. The Professional Grade experts trust ACDelco and Genuine GM Parts to get the job done right.


Another area that is commonly overlooked as a key contributor to trailering capability is your tire tread wear. The danger involved in trailering, let alone driving on tires with significant tread wear is obvious. But what is considered acceptable tread depth may not be so obvious. A quick rule of thumb is to place a penny upside down in the groove of your tire tread. If the rubber does not reach the top of Lincoln’s head, then your tire is excessively worn and is in need of replacement.


Load-carrying capacity is a measurement of a tire’s internal air volume. Factors such as how fast you’ll be trailering and how much weight you’ll be pulling all affect the temperature of the air in your tire, and in turn affect its air pressure and load rating. The Professional Grade experts can match your GMC with precisely the right tire style, with exactly the right load rating for the type of trailering you’ll be doing this summer.


After you take all these measures, your GMC will be in prime trailering condition. However, without a proper hitch that has been professionally installed, smooth sailing is not guaranteed. The technicians at your GMC dealer will help you understand the differences among a weight-carrying hitch, a weight-distributing hitch, and a gooseneck hitch – and which one you’ll need for your purposes. It’s also a good idea to have them install it so that every turn, hill, and stop you trailer through can be met with confidence.


The GMC Certified Service experts stand ready to ensure your GMC can pull its weight this summer – and then some. Make an appointment at your GMC dealer today.


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