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Spring may mean it’s time to clean out the attic or garage, but it’s also a prime time to clean and care for your vehicle. Consider these five steps to ensure your GMC is in peak condition for the months to come.


Spring cleaning doesn’t only pertain to attics, garages, or other places around the home. As temperatures warm, spring is an opportune time to clean your GMC inside and out, and make sure it’s in prime operating condition for the months leading into summer. Here are a few things to consider:

1. Give Your GMC a Thorough Wash: While it’s easy to run a vehicle through an automatic car wash, those washes generally aren’t able to give enough attention to critical places where salt and mud can collect on your vehicle. Consider using a pressure washer at home, or taking your GMC to a self-service wash bay with a high-pressure sprayer, and spend as much time as needed to spray out areas like wheel wells, door sills/jambs and lower door edges, along with the underside of the vehicle.

If you do wash your GMC yourself, choose a proper soap that’s specially formulated for use on automotive paint. While it might be tempting to just grab the dish soap lurking under the kitchen sink, you shouldn’t – it’s formulated to cut tough grease, and easily removes the thin layer of wax on your car, diminishing its protection.

Additionally, ensure any towel or rag used to wipe down tires or wheels is never used to wipe the vehicle’s body. Rags used on wheels and tires can pick up road grit and small stones, which could then scratch the clearcoat finish if rubbed over paint. Likewise, consider using the “two bucket method” – i.e. one bucket with water for rinsing your wash mitt, and another with soapy water for soaking – in order to reduce the chance of dirt/ debris making its mark on the paint.

2. Apply a Fresh Coat of Wax: Your new GMC comes with a tough, durable finish that uses the latest in automotive paint technology, but a quality car wax applied twice a year can help keep it looking its best. Spring and fall are good times to do this. Hand-applied liquid or paste wax is best—save the spray waxes for in-between detailing. Always apply wax and buff it off in the shade or out of direct sunlight in order to prevent paint damage.


3. Take Care of Your Car’s Interior: Your interior puts up with a lot, such as dirt and oils from hands and UV rays from the sun. Take care of non-leather soft surfaces with specially made interior dressings that contain UV protectants. Leather needs care, too. The natural oils in leather keep it soft and pliable. With time, though, leather can get dry. Use a specially made leather-care product to keep your GMC’s leather seating surfaces in great shape. If you live in an area that saw snow this winter, chances are your interior may also have marks left from salty slush trapped on shoes and boots. Use a heavy-duty carpet cleaner and a stiff brush to remove these marks.

4. Check Your Tires: since you’re already likely scrubbing your GMC’s wheels to a bright sheen as part of its exterior cleaning, why not take an extra minute to look over your tires? In addition to making sure each tire is properly inflated to the pressures listed on the tire inflation label located on the driver’s doorjamb, look over your tires to ensure they’re in sound condition. Check to make sure you have sufficient tread depth, and if you notice any cracks or any unusual bulge in the sidewall, your tire may need replacement.


5. Replace Wiper Blades: A blade’s natural rubber deteriorates after about 6 months, and exposure to the elements (ice, salt, and direct sunlight) cause blades to wear. This is why it’s recommended that you replace your blades on a semiannual basis. When you take your GMC to your dealer to be serviced, the Certified Service technician should check your windshield wipers and rear wiper blades as part of the Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection. They can recommend the right blades for your vehicle and install them for you.

6. Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection: While spring provides a great opportunity to look your vehicle over and ensure it is operating at its peak performance, nobody knows your vehicle inside and out like a GMC Certified Service Technician. With most services, GMC Certified Service experts will perform a comprehensive Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection at no additional charge. The inspection takes a comprehensive look at the oil, tire wear, wiper blades, and glass condition, fluid levels, brakes, battery condition and connections, and more.


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