Photo of a GMC Certified Service technician showing a GMC owner when to replace her wiper blades.
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Know When Your Wiper Blades Need Replacement

To drive with confidence, windshield wipers are a critical part of your GMC.

Bold moves require great vision. For GMC drivers, that means being able to see the road more clearly. Which is why windshield wipers are one of the most critical components of your truck or SUV.


Wiper blades have come a long way since they were first patented in 1903. Today, a variety of materials and styles create a wide array of windshield wipers to whisk away rain, dirt, and snow. The Professional Grade experts at your GMC dealer can help you decide which is right for you.



Most modern vehicles use a beam-style wiper blade. Lighter weight, fewer moving parts, and better aerodynamics than conventional wipers make these the preferred blade for today’s vehicles. The beam blade contours to the shape of the windshield and exerts pressure points across the length of the blade. Vehicles manufactured prior to 2000 use a conventional-style wiper blade – which have a limited number of pressure points against the length of the blade.


Both types of blades come in a variety of styles for a range of purposes. All-season blades, for example, have an extra-thick, rugged steel superstructure for better strength. Winter blades feature a rubber boot to help prevent build-up of snow and ice.



Ignoring or putting off the replacement of faulty wiper blades is one of the surest ways to turn a minor annoyance into a larger problem. Use the signs below to know when to replace your front or rear-window wipers.


Chattering: Skipping of the blade caused by warped curvature of rubber of old wipers


Worn Rubber: Rounded or peeling edge of the wiper blade caused by extended use


Bent Wiper Frame: Bent wiper blades, often caused by ice scrapers or automatic car washes, can result in poor wiping


Streaking: Blurry windshield caused by dry or dirty wiper blades


Split Rubber: Cracked and/or split rubber caused by prolonged exposure to the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays


During a regular visit for an oil change, or any other service, your dealer will check your windshield wipers and rear wiper blades on your GMC as part of the Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection. Should you need new wipers, the GMC Certified Service experts are proud to offer GM Original Equipment, ACDelco Advantage, and ACDelco Performance blades.


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