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How much impact does a custom-built home have on the families of our country’s catastrophically injured service members? See for yourself what Building for America’s Bravest and GMC are helping create around the country.

A home is everything to everyone. It’s a place to seek refuge from the world, to be comfortable, to gather with family and unwind. It shouldn’t be a place to be challenged by the smallest of everyday tasks.

However, thousands of our nation’s service members are catastrophically injured in the line of duty. While their commitment, their resolve, their dedication, and their strength are unwavering, it isn’t uncommon to find themselves challenged within their own homes by what used to be simple tasks, like adjusting climate controls, turning lights on or off, reaching items in cupboards, or maneuvering down hallways.


GMC continues its work with Building for America’s Bravest – a proud program of the Stephen Siler Tunnels to Towers foundation – to rectify this. By partnering to help fund and build custom-built smart homes for our nation’s injured servicemen and women, we’re working to help give these heroes the sense of comfort and normalcy they deserve in their daily lives.


We are proud to have recently helped construct and reveal one such home in Alpena, Michigan, tailored specifically for Army Staff Sargent Ben Eberle and his family. As Eberle himself puts it, “the smart home changes everything - it allows me to just be a parent." Yet the true impact of his family’s new home is best expressed by the sparkle in their eyes as they see their new house for the very first time.



Our work continues, and we need your help for more smart homes like Ben’s. GMC, along with its employees and dealers, is proud to help raise awareness and support for Building for America’s Bravest -- but we also need your contribution to continue to help provide our heroes with the homes they deserve.


To learn more and to donate today, please visit www.ourbravest.org/enlistme.