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Two generations of dads and sons join together on the set of the latest GMC commercial for the Sierra Denali.

You might notice something unique in the latest GMC Sierra Denali spot, set to air just in time for Father’s Day. Maybe it’s the look of pride on the father’s face, as he watches his young son try to follow in his own footsteps. Perhaps you picked up on the sparkle in the son’s eyes, as he watches dad pull in the driveway with a Sierra Denali, or that look of surprise as dad reveals he’s brought his son a GMC of his own.


If any of those moments; those reactions seem more authentic than what you’re accustomed to seeing on TV, there’s good reason: they are. Devin Ordoyne and Decker Ordoyne are real-life father and son, and being involved in “Like A Pro” truly proved to be a family affair. Not only did father and son manage to appear on screen together, but a third generation of the Ordoyne clan – Devin’s father – was on hand for filming, too.


“It was great to have me and my son appear together,” says Devin. “But it was even better to have my dad come along with us. He was watching from afar, beaming with pride, and laughing the entire time.”

His presence on set was all too fitting. While father gives son a GMC of his own – albeit a scaled-down, electric-powered replica -- in the script, a very similar act of GMC giving happened between Devin and his own father nearly a couple decades back.

“My dad oversaw a lot of cable installation work in southeastern U.S., and his crews all drove GMC SUVs to get to and from remote jobsites,” says Devin. “He drove what his crew drove, as he knew he could depend on them day-in, day out. And after I graduated from college and was getting ready to move cross-country, he surprised me by giving me a GMC of my own. I was very attached to that GMC.”

Like his father and grandfather before him, there’s a good chance Decker may soon grow attached to a GMC – albeit one his own size.

“He took a look at the little ride-on Sierra Denali, looked at the real Sierra Denali on set, and couldn’t believe this was real,” says Devin. “And then to be able to drive it all over the set? There’s a good reason he was grinning from ear to ear.”