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Driven To Be The Best

GM Certified Service Technician Steve Pappas

Certified Service technicians undergo more than 1 million hours of training annually to keep up with an ever-evolving industry and the engineering every GMC requires. It’s a passion for excellence that goes deeper than the service lane — it’s who our technicians are.


For Steve, his journey as a Certified Service technician began during his daily one-hour commute to college, where he earned his associate degree. He would pass the GMC dealer and think to himself, “That’s the biggest dealership I’ve ever seen. I want to work there one day.”


So following through on his ambition, he applied and was made an apprentice to the transmission specialist. His dedication and attention to detail enabled him to move up to transmission specialist within a year. But he didn’t stop there. Before long, he had become an ASE-certified Master Technician in brakes, electrical, front end, and HVAC.


As he puts it, “I want to be the guy people can rely on to thoroughly understand these vehicles … the guy who can do anything.” His next goal is to earn his GM World Class Certification, which, as he puts it, “is one of the highest GM honors a technician can receive.”


To that end, he is constantly updating his knowledge through the GM training website and signing up for certification classes. Currently, he is working toward his hybrid vehicle certification.


Steve says his love of vehicles took hold during the many weekends he spent as a kid restoring his mom’s old Camaro with his grandfather. Working in the family barn, his grandfather and uncle instilled in him, “a sense of pride in a job well done.”


His pursuit of excellence continued with an enlistment in the U.S. military, with two deployments to Afghanistan. Starting as a generator mechanic, his drive to continually learn more led to mastering other skills such as construction, heavy equipment, welding, masonry, and more. While stationed in the Philippines, he put those new skills to work as a volunteer to help build a school for the children of impoverished locals.


Outside of Certified Service, Steve and his wife Heather spend their free time with their 2-year-old daughter Sophie, who loves to ride their family’s Quarter Horse, Lexi. With another child on the way, Steve somehow also manages to make time to volunteer at his local church repairing vehicles for the disadvantaged. The parts are paid for through church donations, but it’s the generous gift of time and talent from highly trained experts like Steve that makes it all work.

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