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It all began in Seattle, Washington. Today, we’ve swapped powdered milk for coffee. Treacherous two track roads for scenic byways. A 1916 GMC pickup for the all-new GMC Acadia All Terrain.


Leaving the overcast skies of the Emerald City behind us, we head east and explore the natural wonders and beauty that Washington has to offer. From Snoqualmie Falls to North Bend and Wanapum Lake and all the way through the far reaching fields of the plateau to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.


311 miles down and 2,516 to go. We’re only getting started on the Path to Precision.


Experience the first leg of our journey as we hit the start button on the Acadia with @robstrok and @alliemtaylor. Be sure to follow along here on GMC.com and using #PathToPrecision on Instagram.