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Capability. Engineering. Craftsmanship. We needed all of those in the original journey in 1916.


Today, we stopped at the Fargo Air Museum to check out aircrafts with similar stories to tell. Much of the collection here is still in flying condition, like the North American P-51D. First commissioned in the 1940s, it’s nearly a quarter century younger than the journey Mr. and Mrs. Warwick took across the country.


The all-new 2017 Acadia All Terrain may not be a fighter jet, but with available advanced technology features like navigation1 and a 4G Wi-Fi2 hotspot, we were able to follow our course eastward to Saint Paul, MN in comfortable confidence.


We’re halfway across the country and making our way through the heartland of America. Follow us and @robstrok, @alliemtaylor and #PathToPrecision on Instagram for more adventures from our trip.