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GMC Certified Service interviewed the team at Weld County Garage – one of the very first GMC dealers. Learn about its history here and how GMC Professional Grade care has evolved.


To the recollection of Warren Yoder, there were three businesses in Greeley, Colorado, in 1916: a newspaper, a mortuary, and Weld County Garage – one of the country’s first GMC dealers.


Today, a vintage neon sign stands outside Weld County Garage off 47th Avenue as a luminous reminder of the company’s long and rich heritage. But much like the city of Greeley, GMC has come a long way over the last century.


Yoder, Dealer Principal of Weld County Garage, says one sign of that progress is how vehicles are serviced. He notes that mechanical aptitude alone is no longer enough to work on today’s GMCs. Advanced technology requires that GMC Certified Service technicians be specially trained – which is why they undergo more than a million hours of instruction each year.


It’s that attention to detail that sets the Professional Grade standard. And Yoder believes Weld County Garage is hitting the mark each and every day. The proof is in the customers who keep coming back. In fact, the family credited with the dealership’s very first sale more than a century ago still buys and maintains their vehicles there today.


With innovations such as electric vehicles and wireless self-diagnostics, it’s hard to say exactly what the next 100 years will hold. But if history is any indication, you can expect that flickering neon sign outside Weld County Garage to be around for it.


In 1916, a pioneering husband and wife team passed through town in their GMC Model 30 as they embarked on the world’s first double-transcontinental journey. Follow the adventure of Path to Precision.




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