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Brakes in good shape? Even if you’re not hauling a few hundred pounds in the back of your GMC, your brakes’ condition and performance are critical to safe, confident driving at all times.

A fork in the road. A quick stop to avoid a fallen branch. The trials of bumper-to-bumper traffic. Bringing a loaded trailer to a safe, sure stop. Your truck or SUV’s brakes are designed to deliver safe, sure stopping power and provide the driver with precision-engineered control. As such, it’s important – if not imperative – to have them inspected and serviced on a routine basis to ensure optimum performance.


When you bring your GMC in for regular maintenance, the Professional Grade experts perform a Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection that consists of a check of many of your vehicle’s systems—including the brake hoses, calipers, rotors, pads, lines, and other brake system components.

While our Certified Service technicians conduct a Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection as part of regular scheduled maintenance visits for your GMC, they’re available to inspect and address any concerns you may have about your brakes at any time. Since proper brake performance is critical for safe driving in any condition, don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle in for a professional-grade inspection if you have questions about your vehicle.

Signs your vehicle may need brake servicing include:

  • Brake-pedal pulsation, which could be a sign your GMC’s rotors need resurfacing or replacement
  • Chirping noise emitted when stopping, which could indicate a brake pad’s friction material is worn and the pad itself needs replacement
  • Longer stopping distances, which could indicate a need to replace pads, rotors, or service other system components
  • Squealing or grinding noise, which may indicate worn brake pads or other components in need of maintenance
  • Low brake-pedal height, which may indicate worn brake pads or other system components needing servicing
  • Vehicle pulling to the left or right when brakes are applied, which could indicate seized caliper pins or a need for a suspension alignment
  • Spongy brake-pedal feel, which could indicate a need to bleed lines, replace brake fluid, or service other elements of the brake system


These indicators can point to an issue with various brake components such as the pads, shoes, hoses, rotors, or calipers—all of which will be thoroughly examined during a brake inspection.


If one of your brake components does need to be replaced, you can trust the Certified Service experts who offer Genuine GM Parts built to fit your GMC. Our technicians undergo intensive factory training in order to know every inch of your GMC from top to bottom, and ensure it is operating exactly as it was precisely engineered to do.

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