Image showing a premium GMC floor liner in vehicle.
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From snow to dirt -- or perhaps even a spilled coffee or two – the new line of GMC Premium All-Weather Floor Liners are designed to protect your vehicle’s floors from the elements – and look good at the same time. Learn more about how we design our floor liners to offer the same premium appearance, performance, and quality as your GMC itself.

Protecting the surface of a pickup bed or cargo area is a no-brainer – but have you given thought to protecting the carpeted flooring in your GMC truck, SUV, or crossover? After all, apart from a pickup bed or cargo hold, the floors in your GMC see the most use day-in, day-out. The dirt and debris picked up by shoes can easily get caught in a vehicle’s carpeting as passengers enter and exit. Worse yet, in wintry climates, the snow, slush, and salt collected by boots can melt, creating a damp mess and potentially even a stain.

Floor liners are a means to both protect that carpet and simplify cleaning up your vehicle’s interior. It sounds simple, but not all floor liners are created equally. The new GMC Premium All-Weather Floor Liners, which have been precision-engineered and manufactured, offer several advantages when it comes time to protecting your interior.

Fit is incredibly important when designing and manufacturing floor liners. Generic floor liners that are cut too big can interfere with pedals, potentially creating an issue. Conversely, floor liners that are too small or don’t conform to the contour of floor boards, kick panels, or other interior features may not provide enough coverage, letting mud, dirt, and salty slush builds up on the carpeting underneath.

That’s not the case with our GMC Premium Floor Liners – they not only offer superior coverage to many aftermarket liners, but they’re also a perfect fit.

“Competitors try to measure vehicles before designing liners, but there’s always something lost in translation between the vehicle and the measured dimension,” said Mike Pontello, GMC accessory product manager. “That’s not the case with our GMC Premium Floor Liners – since we’re the ones who also design and manufacture vehicles like the Canyon, we know their floors better than anyone else. In fact, we work directly with vehicle engineering teams to directly share precise, digital 3D models of the vehicle’s floors, allowing us to design an incredibly precise floor liner.”

Image showing a man detaching the premium GMC floor liner in vehicle.

Our engineers have also incorporated smart, thoughtful elements into our floor liner designs. For instance, our floor liners for second row passengers incorporate a patent-pending multi-panel interlocking design that not only provides optimum coverage when installed, but allows individual sections to be removed in order to ease cleaning.

Image showing the underside of the premium GMC floor liner in vehicle.

A driver’s side floor liner needs to be solidly anchored in place. A liner that slides on top of carpeting is not only a hassle and annoying, but it could slide forward.

The new GMC Premium Floor Liners are designed to work in conjunction with the floor liner retention clips installed at the factory, which are anchored to the floor underneath the carpeting. The result is a floor liner that is incredibly well planted. In fact, in third-party testing conducted by AMCI, our Canyon driver’s floor liner withstood over 25 pounds of side loading before moving – over seven times the force required to move a leading aftermarket competitor.


From dashboard trim to seat materials and everything in between, a GMC interior is thoughtfully designed to provide a premium and stylish environment. A generic aftermarket floor liner is not necessarily designed to the same exacting standards we hold for our cabins, and may not match nor look as stylish as the rest of your GMC’s interior.

Image showing how premium GMC floor liners protect the vehicle interior from dirt on shoes from worksites.

At GMC, we’ve taken those factors into consideration when designing our floor liners. Much as we finesse every other detail inside and out, we did the same here. Instead of using generic material, we chose a grain pattern that matches the grain on other surfaces throughout GMC interiors. GMC interiors. Instead of simply choosing a dark color, we went the extra step to ensure the floor liners match the hues found in the carpeting and other interior trim.

The result? A floor liner that, much like your GMC itself, pairs a tailored appearance with great durability and functionality.

The GMC Premium All-Weather Grade Floor Liners are now available for the Sierra, Sierra HD, Canyon, Yukon, Yukon XL, and Acadia through your local GMC dealership, or through the GMC Accessories online store.

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