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GMC Interior Design – Creativity Meets Craftsmanship

A bold, premium exterior is nothing without an interior to match. That’s why GMC’s designers strive to design truck, SUV, and crossover interiors that are as upscale, modern, and sophisticated as the rest of a GMC.

Where do you draw your daily inspiration from? Nature? Technology? Fashion? Architecture? When it comes to the designers responsible for crafting the refined, distinguished, upscale interiors found in today’s GMC pickup trucks, SUVs and crossovers, the answer frequently lies in all of those categories.

“As designers, we are constantly inspired by our surroundings,” says Rebecca Waldmeir, design manager for GMC color and trim studios. “I could be walking down the street, and someone could have on a really cool pair of shoes, or a backpack with a neat detail, like some highlight stitching or a neat perforated material. We can look at that and see if it’s something we can scale up, incorporate into the vehicle, and see if it’s a good fit for GMC.”

While designing interiors might seem quite different than creating an exterior design, that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, the same hallmarks of GMC’s exterior designs – things like bold shapes, strong lines, and precision craftsmanship – are also found throughout GMC interiors.

“We pick certain shapes to express certain ideas, and with GMC, it’s certainly about being robust, strong, confident, and bold,” says Micah Jones, senior lead creative designer for GMC interiors. “Those same thematic elements transition into GMC interiors. The way they manifest themselves is a very horizontal form, with C-shaped air outlets in the corners. This really carries the eye through the interior, while adding a little tension to give our interior a sense of strength.

Another key element of crafting a GMC interior: utilizing authentic, premium materials at every turn, be it the carbon fiber-patterned accents in a Sierra All Terrain; the perforated nuance leather seat appointments and accent stitching of a Yukon Denali, or the brushed, real aluminum accents found throughout the GMC lineup.

As Helen Emsley, executive director of global GMC design relates, it’s much like using the best materials available in the world of high fashion.

“You can have a fantastic design for a suit or a dress,” says Emsley, “but if you’re not using quality materials, the finished product hangs terribly. We feel passionately about using quality materials and crafting refined interiors for our vehicles.”

While the video above lets you into the creative process behind GMC interior design, the best way to experience the end result of the GMC team’s focus on premium, professional-grade interiors is to sample one for yourself at an upcoming auto show, or at a GMC dealer near you.