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2017 GMC Acadia: Six Family-Focused Features

GMC engineers and designers went the extra mile to ensure the 2017 GMC Acadia is incredibly family-friendly. Here are just a few of the family-focused features you’ll find inside this all-new midsize SUV.


The men and women who designed, engineered, tested, and built the all-new 2017 GMC Acadia aren’t only professional-grade engineers and designers. Many of them are parents themselves, meaning when it came time to help design an all-new, family-friendly mid-size crossover, they blended their own experiences with feedback from customers in order to equip Acadia with a number of family-focused features.


Here are just six of the family-focused features you’ll find in the new 2017 GMC Acadia:


Smart Storage
Just like at home, clever organization plays a big part in keeping Acadia’s handsome cabin tidy and functional for everyone inside. Up front, the driver and passenger are provided with large pockets on both the door panels and the sides of the center console. Second row passengers are given two tiers of storage pockets in the door panels, along with a new, innovative pull-out drawer in the back of the center console, which is perfect for storing toys, headphones, electronics, and other small personal belongings.


Easy Cargo Access

We know parents often have their hands full, both literally and figuratively. Acadia can lend a hand, especially when it comes time to load cargo and other belongings. The Hands-Free Power Programmable Rear Liftgate allows the rear liftgate to open and close at the push of a keyfob button, and can be set to open at varying heights in order to fit within your garage.

Additionally, Acadia Denali’s power liftgate can be opened by simply kicking a foot underneath the left corner of Acadia’s rear bumper – no need to juggle whatever you’re carrying in order to fumble for a keyfob in a purse or pocket.

GMC has also made it easier to fold the second- and third-row seats on Acadia and Acadia Denali models (second-row only on Acadia All Terrain) in order to gain added cargo space when needed. A pair of levers in the cargo area allows each half of the second row seats to be folded flat with just a light pull, while third-row seats fold using an easy pull strap on each seat back.


SmartSlide Seating
Acadia and Acadia Denali (excludes Acadia All Terrain) offer seating for up to seven passengers, split between second and third row seating – but climbing back into the third row isn’t a chore. Each side of the second-row seat can easily slide forward with a single hand. Better yet, if a child safety seat is installed in the second row passenger seat, Smart Slide can still function without first removing the child safety seat.


Rear Seat Reminder
The all-new 2017 Acadia is equipped with Rear Seat Reminder, which aims to give parents an extra prompt to check the rear seats for occupants or belongings before exiting the vehicle.


Although Rear Seat Reminder does not actually detect passengers or objects placed in the rear seat, it works by monitoring Acadia’s rear doors. If one is opened and closed within ten minutes of the engine starting, or if they are opened and closed while the vehicle is running, Rear Seat Reminder will provide an audible and visual reminder to the driver once the engine is switched off. You should always check your rear seat before exiting the vehicle.

Charging And Connectivity Throughout
From connectivity hubs to entertainment centers, smart phones and tablets are used for almost everything – and there’s almost always a need to keep them charged on the go. Acadia accommodates with plenty of power outlets placed throughout its cabin. The driver and front passenger are provided with a 12-volt outlet along with two USB charging ports, while a dealer-installed accessory can provide a wireless charging pad seamlessly integrated into the center console’s storage area.

Passengers aren’t left in the dark, either – second row passengers can utilize two USB charging ports, while third row passengers can also use a USB port of their own. Acadia SLT1, SLT2, and Acadia Denali models also provide second-row access to a 110-volt household power outlet.

For passengers looking to remain connected on the go – be it to check email or stream games or movies on a tablet – Acadia is available with 4G LTE in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot2, which allows up to seven mobile devices to connect to the Internet while on the go.

Rear-Seat Entertainment Options

Want to keep the kids entertained with a movie or favorite show? For those with a traditional DVD library, Acadia offers a rear-seat dual-screen entertainment system with DVD player and wireless headphones as a dealer-installed accessory. Families who prefer tablet-based entertainment are also in luck, as available accessory rear-seat tablet holders allow tablets to be positioned perfectly for second-row passengers to enjoy.