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With room for the entire family and a focus on comfort, Yukon Denali has the makings of a perfect family road trip vehicle – even if that road trip stretches from Texas to California and back again.

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With graduation just a few short weeks away for my oldest child, we decided to head out west for a little road trip before she set off to college. A 3000-mile round trip to California, making a pit stop at the Grand Canyon along the way.

Five of us packed for a week-long trip, loaded our luggage into a 2017 GMC Yukon Denali and left Texas, headed for the West Coast.

We were able to quickly set our destination using Apple Car Play1 -- which is supported by the Yukon’s radio -- and did not have think twice about our route, as it was updated to show traffic updates.

Thanks to great highway fuel economy (EPA estimated 22 mpg highway), active noise cancellation and an available in-vehicle 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot2 (which lets you connect up to seven devices at once), our trip felt like it flew right by us. We arrived at the Grand Canyon and quickly took a helicopter tour and went off to explore.


We made it to California the next day and everyone could not wait to get out to a number of our favorite amusement parks. We loaded up our gear and our mobile devices and plugged everything into the five USB ports3 located throughout the interior for charging.


After a few days of playing crazy hard, we set sail to head back to Texas....and did so in one day. 15 hours solid spent on the road. To avoid fatigue, we regularly stopped to rotate drivers through shifts. Because my college-bound senior called shotgun, those not on active driving duty driver stretched out in comfort, thanks to the spacious captain’s chairs in the middle row.


We utilized the rear seat entertainment system for everyone in the back and turned on XM Radio for the front. When she dozed off in the passenger seat, I was able to hear any in coming texts, thanks to Apple Car Play reading them aloud all with keeping my attention and eyes on the road.