Photo showing the GMC Acadia All Terrain mid-size SUV undergoing extensive testing.
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Life sometimes takes you off the beaten path – that’s why GMC engineers put the new 2017 Acadia All Terrain’s all-wheel drive system through its paces on some significant off-road obstacles in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

If the back woods and beaches of Michigan’s rugged Upper Peninsula sound like unusual locales to test a new family-friendly crossover, chances are you’re not a GMC engineer. In fact, that sort of challenging terrain provided the perfect place for engineers to test, validate, and hone the advanced all-wheel drive system offered in the new 2017 GMC Acadia All Terrain.


In normal, everyday driving, Acadia All Terrain is designed to deliver the right blend of efficiency and traction. To maximize efficiency in good road conditions, the driver can use Acadia’s Drive Mode Selector to choose between 4x2, which disengages the rear axle, or 4x4 mode, where the system splits torque between front and rear axles as needed to help provide traction on wet, snowy, or icy roads.

But Acadia All Terrain goes a step further once the Drive Mode Selector is moved to “All Terrain Mode.” Acadia All Terrain’s ability lies with its advanced twin clutch all-wheel drive system. Not only can this system send power to the rear wheels as needed, but it can detect if either one of the rear wheels is slipping, and actively send power to the wheel with the most traction, essentially functioning like a limited-slip differential.

GMC engineers also worked to seamlessly integrate the functionality of the all-wheel drive system with other systems that affect off-road handling and capability. Turn the dial to All Terrain mode, and vehicle systems like torque management, traction control and Stabilitrak are tuned to provide optimum traction in sandy or muddy terrain.


Additionally, Acadia All Terrain incorporates a Hill Descent Control function, which leverages the vehicle’s anti-lock brake system to provide a smooth, controlled descent at a set speed in rough terrain without the driver needing to touch the brake pedal.

Control. Capability. These are GMC hallmarks, and the 2017 Acadia All Terrain delivers both on- and off-road – important if you’re traveling to a favorite remote fishing spot, a prime mountain bike trail in the woods, or a remote campsite. Thanks to professional grade engineering, Acadia All Terrain can help take you there and back again.

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