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Engineers and designers sweated the details in order to make the new Sierra Denali a precisely-crafted, premium full-size pickup truck.

Why does the GMC Sierra 1500 Denali fullsize pickup truck exude a level of quality, power, capability, and convenience no other premium pickup truck can match? It’s because our engineers and designers who crafted Sierra -- including chief engineer Jeff Luke and exterior design director Matt Noone -- hold themselves to higher, more precise standards in order to surpass your highest expectations.
The Sierra engineering team worked to enhance the truck’s uncompromised capability and elevate the driver’s confidence. Meanwhile, the GMC design team worked to make Sierra Denali’s exterior broadcast the excellence in engineering that lies beneath the skin, while simultaneously crafting an interior tailored for driver and passengers alike.

Each and every day, the GMC team collaborates to design and engineer trucks that are precise, refined, and truly professional grade. The proof is in the precision found throughout the Sierra Denali. While both Luke and Noone provide insight into their customer-driven processes in these videos below, we invite you to experience the fruit of their labor -- the Sierra Denali -- for yourself at your local GMC dealership.