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Even if campus is close to home, gearing up to move to college is a big step – and proved to be a big task perfectly suited for our GMC Sierra Denali.

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My oldest was gearing up to take a giant step and move far, far away and begin her college life. By far away, I am talking about a whopping 7.9 miles from our door step to the first step up the nine flights of stairs to her tiny dorm room. But while the distance may have been physically small, it still represented a big step for her – and a big task at hand for our GMC Sierra Denali.

We began the process of dorm prep and planning with her future roommate many months ago. Tons of Pinterest pins, hundreds of screen shots and a thousand group texts later, we began checking off our to do lists and running to grab room necessities and load up the Sierra Denali with every imaginable item that was pink, striped or glistened in gold. I truly began to appreciate the ability to use remote start to cool down the interior while loading the bed of the truck, along with the ventilated front seats – both features made working in the 100 degree weather a bit more bearable.

The night, before we headed into the frenzy that was new college students and their parents, we packed up all of her clothes, bedding and school supplies in large, plastic bins. This made loading and transporting a breeze. I also took plywood and wrapped it with a curtain to cover the wall on each side of their beds. We weren't allowed to staple, glue or use nails on the wall or the ceilings. This gave them the ability to hang a few things, and cover the wall on the side of the bed.

The next morning, loading everything into the Sierra Denali couldn't have been easier. The massive amount of space in the bed of the truck and the back seat, held everything that we needed. We started by laying the wrapped piece of plywood into the bed of the truck. By using the available Tri-Mode Power steps and the cornerstep rear bumper to gain access to the bed, we were able to lay the large piece down easily and continue to carefully stack items on top without having to shove boxes around.


Once we arrived, we were allowed 30 minutes to unload at the curb, which was a breeze by using the plastic boxes and having quick and easy access to it all. We thought we had conquered the hardest part. We had forgot about the nine flights of stairs....

After many calories burned, sweat, sore muscles, laugher and the most high-pitched squealing from 12 Floors of College Freshman Girls that you have ever heard, we were finished with the space in a day and had two very, very happy college students.


We loaded up empty boxes and thoroughly enjoyed the quietness that the interior of the Sierra Denali generously provides, thanks to triple door seals and the available Bose-based Active Noise Cancellation System. Not to mention the crazy smooth ride, delivered in no small part by the amazing Magnetic Ride Control system, which constantly adjusts suspension for precise control and consistently smooth ride. That comfort is insanely wonderful when we felt like we could no longer move anything for the next 24 hours.

We left a piece of our heart -- but a very happy and excited girl -- at her dorm that day, and I could not be more proud of her and her new little life that she has!