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It’s that time of year – and Allison Fannin and her family put their Sierra Denali to work in bringing home the centerpiece of their home’s festive decorations.

Thanks to a keen eye for detail, a drive to tackle new projects head-on and a deep love for technology, it’s no wonder Allison Fannin of Two Thirty-Five Designs is taking the design and social media world by storm. For everything from décor ideas, interior design inspirations and current trends, you can find Allison’s creativity in full bloom on Two Thirty-Five Designs’ homepage, Facebook page, or Instagram feed.
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Around our home, every single person is hit with excitement once the cooler weather is in the air because that means that Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner! My children love to help with getting the house prepped for the holidays by pulling out our holiday decorations from the attic. We sort it all out by designating which rooms it all will go in, helping each other set up everything up in each space. We then make a list of what items we are in need of, load up in our Sierra Denali and set out in search of the perfect tree.

Thanks to the super spacious interior of the GMC Sierra Denali, our entire family – all five of us -- can comfortably sit together in the truck. We did just that the other week when we set out to find a Christmas tree for our home. We did a quick search for places selling fresh Christmas trees, typed in the address on the Sierra Denali’s standard 8-inch Color Touch Screen (measured diagonally) infotainment system with navigation1 and followed directions to a small little pop-up tree shop not too far away.

We were able to browse for a tree, taking our time until the perfect one caught our eye. As soon as we were ready to make our purchase, I was able to use the remote vehicle starter to start the engine warming and have the heater turn on inside to have a cozy vehicle to come in from the cold. I asked my teenager to turn on the standard heated steering wheel when he went to set my wallet inside, while I helped load and secure the tree within the bed of the Denali.

With the Sierra Denali’s standard heated front seat cushions and seat backs selected on the highest setting, we set off to our house. Of course, I had on Christmas music, which sounds amazing on the standard Bose sound system, but the kids didn’t quiet approve of my music choice and slipped on their headphones.

I didn't have to worry about the needles on the Christmas tree or the branches and trunk scratching up the bed of the Sierra Denali thanks to its standard spray-on bed liner. It also provided helpful traction while climbing into the bed (a task made easier thanks to the CornerStep rear bumper) while we were unloading it from the truck to take it inside and begin decorating it.

Everyone helped by pitching in and tackling the tree set up after getting it inside. The lights are now strung and ornaments are in place on the tree; our packages are wrapped; all five stockings were pulled out to be hung on the mantel, and the elves are set out keeping an eye on who's naughty and nice!