Preproduction model shown. Actual production model may vary. Pickup initial availability Fall 2021.


The available UltraVision will add a unique perspective to any rugged adventure.



The GMC HUMMER EV Pickup and SUV (Pickup initial availability Fall 2021. SUV initial availability early 2023) will give serious off-roaders a new way to look at going off grid.

That’s because these all-electric supertrucks weren’t just designed and engineered to explore muddy trails, steep sand dunes and rocky desert mountains. The HUMMER EV Pickup and SUV will also be available with technologies to revolutionize the experience of dominating rugged environments.

One such advancement is UltraVision, which includes up to 18 camera views on the pickup and up to 17 available camera views on the SUV. This unique suite of camera views was created not just to help give additional views out on the road but provide drivers with a virtual spotter in rugged off-road environments.

“Camera views are of great help to drivers in numerous everyday situations, from keeping tabs on your truck and trailer to maneuvering parking lots,” said Christopher Stanek, UltraVision Underbody Camera Lead Engineer. “With the HUMMER EVs, the available camera views have been enhanced to not only help the driver feel more connected to their vehicle but help give added confidence and control while navigating remote locations in the great outdoors.”

A select number of these off-road views are made possible by the HUMMER EV’s waterproof underbody forward-and-rearward-facing cameras that give real-time views of the terrain to help drivers pick the best line along the trail. These cameras are encased in durable protective covers with a washer function and replaceable lens protectors to help keep vision clear.

“UltraVision illustrates not just GMC’s dedication to engineering excellence, but how the highly capable HUMMER EVs are going to revolutionize the way you experience off roading,” Stanek said. “These underbody cameras provide novel solutions for off-road enthusiasts who want additional views for the types of real-world situations they encounter.”

For example, in rock crawling scenarios, drivers can use these underbody cameras to help keep the tires on the highest points. And by toggling between the underbody and exterior views, drivers will have assistance in placing their tires where they want to be.

In low traction situations like sand, gravel or mud, the underbody cameras can help give added views to monitor for wheel spin.

And on hills, the underbody forward camera helps the driver view when the front tires have reached the peak. Combined with HD Surround View, drivers have a way to view the horizon when the HUMMER EV is pointed up in either direction.

Another unique function of UltraVision is the off-road camera views can be used at speeds of up to 50 mph when drivers have selected Terrain or Off-Road Mode from the HUMMER EV’s Drive Mode Control. This allows the driver to use UltraVision in off-road maneuvers performed at higher speeds where momentum is necessary to climb obstacles like sand dunes.

There are up to nine available cameras when the HUMMER EV is fully equipped with UltraVision. The cameras are located in the front end, rear tailgate, in each of the outside mirrors, the center high mounted stop lights, and at the front and rear of the underbody. Another camera can be added by using an accessory camera that is sold separately and customer installed. Some of the views UltraVision will include are:

  • Forward Underbody: Provides a forward-looking view of the area under the vehicle, facing toward the front tires.
  • Rearward Underbody: Provides a rearward-looking view to the rear tires.
  • Split Forward Underbody: A combined view showing the Forward Underbody and Front Perspective views for a complete view of what is ahead. It shows a horizontal split screen.
  • Split Forward/Rearward Underbody: A combined view showing both the Forward Underbody and Rearward Underbody views. It shows a horizontal split screen.
  • Transparent Trailer: Uses a tailgate-mounted camera and a customer-installed GM auxiliary accessory camera on the rear of the trailer to help you virtually see right through a conventional-hitched box or compatible camping trailer up to 32 feet in length to view objects or vehicles behind it, a benefit when navigating parking lots, merging into traffic or making tight turns.
  • Side Rearward (includes Trailer Length Indicator): Provides a line of sight down either side of the truck looking back from the external rearview mirrors. When a trailer is connected, you’ll see a split view of the left and right sides of the truck and trailer. While driving forward or backward with a trailer, the view automatically biases based on the trailer’s angle (not available in CrabWalk™). When you use a turn signal with a compatible trailer attached, a full-screen side mirror view is shown. Additionally, when enabled and driving forward with the turn signal activated, the Trailer Length Indicator displays a red overlay twice the length of the compatible trailer (not available in CrabWalk™).
  • Rear Trailer View: Uses a customer-installed auxiliary camera available from GMC Accessories mounted on the rear of the trailer to show vehicles or objects behind the trailer.

To learn more about these and other cameras views in UltraVision, or other available features, visit the GMC HUMMER EV homepage.




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