If your infotainment screen has an In-Vehicle Energy App, you can access important information about your vehicle’s energy use and charging status. It also lets you customize the charging settings and schedule based on your needs.


The charging screen shows the details about your next planned charge. From here, you can choose Charge Now or Charge Later.

  • Charge Now: Your vehicle will begin charging immediately when you plug in. You can also set your target charge level
  • Charge Later: Your vehicle will delay charging and then automatically begin charging later so that the vehicle is ready at the time you select on this screen (tap the time to adjust it). You can also change the target charge level and toggle cabin preconditioning on or off
  • These settings will be remembered over key cycles unless you set up a charge schedule that overrides the settings when charging at home

Note: A key cycle refers to the action of turning off the vehicle and then later turning it back on. Every time you turn off your vehicle and then later turn it on is one key cycle.


You can create a charging schedule so that your vehicle is ready for you when you’re charging at home.

  • To create a schedule, make sure location-based charging is enabled (see the Settings tab). Tap the “+” to create a new schedule or tap your existing schedules to make changes
  • The schedule(s) you create will be used when you’re at your Home charging location. When you’re away, it will default to Charge Now settings or you can temporarily override the Charge Later for individual charges
  • Each day of the week can only be included in one schedule. You can’t assign a day to a new schedule if it is already included in one of your other schedules
  • Any unscheduled day will automatically Charge Now to 100% target charge level when plugged in, unless you change those settings before you charge


This tab lets you monitor your energy use and impacts on your efficiency. The data resets at every key cycle. Information may include:

  • Distance driven since last reset
  • Total energy used since last reset
  • How different factors, such as climate controls, battery conditioning and your driving habits, have impacted your energy use. Tap any item for more detailed information


Many settings can be customized on this tab in the app. Options may include:

  • Set up location-based charging preferences (e.g., different settings for when you’re home vs. when you’re at work)
  • Customize your charging notifications (e.g., turn horn chirp charging feedback on or off)
  • Start DC Fast Charging battery conditioning to precondition your battery when you are on your way to a public DC Fast Charging station
  • Set your preferred temperature for cabin preconditioning. Your cabin will adjust to this temperature by the end of its charging session when enabled on an active schedule or in Charge Later mode. Enabling cabin preconditioning helps protect battery range by using energy from the charger — as opposed to drawing from the battery while driving — to condition your cabin
  • Adjust your preferred charging times (e.g., to avoid peak utility rates). Note that preferred charging times only apply during “Charge Later” charging sessions

For your security, please don’t include personal info such as phone number, address or credit card details.



Why didn’t my vehicle charge completely?

If your vehicle finished charging but was not fully charged, check to make sure your target charge level is not set to a reduced amount. This setting will be stored until you change it again.



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To find out if your vehicle has this feature, contact your dealer or refer to your vehicle’s equipment list. Please check your Owner’s Manual for more information about features.