The cargo, passenger, and cutaway vans in the GMC Savana family are designed with utility and safety in mind. Whether you need the ability to haul cargo, transport people or upfit your van for a specific purpose, Savana’s breadth of available powertrain, fuel, and customization options will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

The Savana Passenger Van, the Savana Cargo Van, and the Savana Cutaway Van each provide you with a wide range of applications, available factory and aftermarket accessories and available OnStar2 connectivity, making them the smart choice for shuttling passengers and transporting other precious cargo.

Passenger Van
The Savana Passenger Van was designed to be a safe full-size passenger van, featuring safety features like Stabilitrak® With Traction Control stability enhancement system to help you stay in control and help reduce the risk of vehicle rollover. With multiple powertrain options—including a flex-fuel capable or gaseous fuel-ready engine —two available wheelbase choices, and seating configurations for up to 15 passengers, you can confidently transport your group efficiently, comfortably and safely.


Cargo Van
The Savana Cargo Van includes features that help you work smarter and more efficiently. A variety of powerful engine options, including E853, biodiesel options, and a gaseous fuel-ready engine, ensure that you have the ability to tailor Savana to your specific needs. GMC-trademark capability also extends to Savana’s impressive towing ability, so if your needs include trailering, you can do it with confidence and control.

Cutaway Van
The Savana Cutaway Van offers several wheelbase lengths, dual- and single-wheel options and an available 57-gallon fuel tank on some models. All models feature a proven ladder-type frame that can handle several types of upfits4, including utility/service, ambulance/rescue, shuttle or school bus, and more. The Savana Cutaway Van is also available with a gas V8 engine.