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The removable glass panel of the MultiPro Midgate is designed to give you cargo versatility. The rear glass should be either installed in its normal position or stowed in the storage pocket while the vehicle is in motion.

Removing the Rear Glass:

1. Fold down the second-row seats.

― The rear glass can be removed without folding the second-row seats down, but accessing the rear-glass storage pocket requires folded seats.
― Move the front seats forward to ensure the rear seats fold down all the way.

2. From inside the cabin, locate the glass-latch levers at the top corners of the rear glass.
3. Squeeze the inner portion of both levers and pull down.
4. Locate the glass catch that extends out of the trim panel around the driver-side glass latch.

― This catch is designed to help prevent the glass from falling forward during removal.

5. Supporting the glass at the top edge, press the glass catch to release the glass.
6. Carefully shift your hands to the grab handles at the top of the rear glass.
7. With the glass panel tilted toward you, use the grab handles to lift it out of its track.

Loading the Glass Panel into the Storage Pocket:

1. Make sure all three glass-stow retainer handles are in the up position.

― There is one glass-stow retainer at the top center of the storage pocket and one in each corner.

2. Guide the rear glass into the storage pocket by sliding the lower edge of the rear glass down behind the two tabs near the bottom of the Midgate.
3. Holding the rear glass flat against the storage pocket with the grab handles facing you, settle the glass against the interior side of the door.
4. Push the glass against the center glass-stow retainer until the handle slides down.
5. Push down the other two glass-stow retainer slider handles to lock the glass in place.
6. Once these three handles are in the locked position, the rear glass is securely stowed.
7. Push both glass-latch levers upward to the locked position until you hear a click.
8. When the glass panel is stored properly in the storage pocket, return the second-row seats to an upright position.

Reinstalling the Rear Glass:

1. To unlatch the glass panel, squeeze the inner portion of the glass-latch levers and pull down.
2. Hold the rear glass in place with one hand and push up on each of the three glass-stow retainer handles until you hear a click.
3. Pull the rear glass out from the storage pocket using the grab handles.
4. With the rear glass tilted at an angle, place the bottom edge in the lower channel of the window frame.
5. Be sure to align the glass, side-to-side, using the locator at the bottom middle of the glass and the glass alignment arrow(s).
6. Continue using the grab handles to assist you as you push the rear glass flat against the window frame.
7. Push each of the latch levers up until you hear a click. This indicates they are closed.

Note: Turn off the rear defroster when removing or reinstalling the rear-glass panel.

Note: With every use, check that the rear-glass panel is stored securely in the Midgate storage pocket.

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