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How to Use One-Pedal Driving on GMC Sierra EV

One-Pedal Driving lets you slow down and stop your electric vehicle using only the accelerator pedal under normal driving conditions.

What it is: When One-Pedal Driving is on and you lift your foot off the accelerator, your vehicle’s regenerative braking system will temporarily turn the motors into generators that convert your vehicle’s forward momentum into electricity – which is stored in the battery pack for future use. When active, it will feel like the truck is decelerating, similar to normal brake function.

To activate One-Pedal Driving:

  • On the infotainment screen, tap the Vehicle Controls icon.
  • Select “Drive & Park.”
  • From there, you can turn One-Pedal Driving on or off.
    • On/Normal: Enable One-Pedal Driving with a moderate level of braking applied when you release the accelerator.
    • High: Increases the amount of deceleration One-Pedal Driving offers.
    • Off: Disable One-Pedal Driving for traditional two-pedal driving, similar to a gasoline vehicle.
  • There is also a quick-access button in the Smart Control Tray with the One-Pedal Driving icon. Press it to turn One-Pedal Driving on and off.

Important: Charging your battery to 80% for daily use helps promote battery health and optimal regenerative braking performance. For longer trips, you can adjust your charge above 80% for extended range. See your Owner’s Manual for more information.

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