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Watts to Freedom is a unique mode found on the 2022 GMC HUMMER EV Pickup Edition 1 that enables peak torque for a short time, enabling very fast acceleration. It is designed for use only in closed courses. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that driving style and acceleration do not endanger or inconvenience other road users.

For detailed information on engaging this feature, see your Owner's Manual.


Watts to Freedom unlocks maximum torque, allowing for extremely fast acceleration.

To ensure you are deliberately engaging the feature, Watts to Freedom requires several steps to engage. Follow these steps to enter the mode:

  1. First, bring your vehicle to a complete stop.
  2. Press the StabiliTrak/Electronic Stability Control button, located on the instrument panel, twice. The button looks like a vehicle with two curved lines trailing from the tires. You’ll see an animation in the cluster and feel vibrations in your driver seat when you do this.
  3. You’ll see a pop-up on your infotainment screen asking you to confirm that you want to engage Watts to Freedom and lower the vehicle.

a. To confirm, use the steering wheel controls.

4. Once you confirm that you want to enter Watts to Freedom, your vehicle will begin to lower.

a. While lowering, it will change settings for the shock absorbers, accelerator and cooling system to adjust to the enhanced torque the mode offers.

b. You will see an animation on your display as well as a Torque Gauge Capability graphic, which indicates the vehicle’s readiness for enhanced torque output. The bars atop this graphic fill as your vehicle conditions itself for enhanced torque output. Once the bar is full, you will have access to full torque.

c. The orange bar in the middle of the screen shows the amount of torque available at the current moment. The blue bars represent your vehicle's progress toward activating the Watts to Freedom feature.

5. You will then see a prompt on the display that instructs you how to brake to start the Watts to Freedom sequence.

a. Use your left foot to press the brake pedal with the appropriate pressure to proceed to the next prompt.

6. While you’re holding the brake pedal down, you’ll see a similar prompt for the accelerator. Use your right foot to press the accelerator pedal to the floor to confirm this prompt. When you do, you’ll hear a ramp-up sound that sounds like an engine hitting its revolutions per minute limit.

7. The infotainment screen will then prompt you to release the brake pedal. WARNING: As soon as you do this, the vehicle will launch into an extremely fast acceleration.

8. The vehicle will then accelerate rapidly. You will see your Torque Gauge fill up and see a message indicating the level of acceleration you're experiencing. Maximum torque output will disengage if you exert any significant steering input or experience a stability control event. The feature's state will return to step 5, detailed above. You will be able to reengage acceleration after following the engagement steps again.

9. To slow your vehicle after the acceleration event begins, release the accelerator pedal and press the brake pedal.


  1. After acceleration is complete, you should exit Watts to Freedom mode. Remaining in this mode can decrease vehicle performance.
  2. Exit the Watts to Freedom mode by:

a. Selecting a new drive mode.

b. Pressing the StabiliTrak/Electronic Stability Control button.

c. Turning the vehicle off.

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Can I use Watts to Freedom at any time?

It is the driver’s responsibility to only activate Watts to Freedom on a closed course and when it is safe to do so. The vehicle must also have a state of charge over 20% in order to activate Watts to Freedom.

Why can’t I activate Watts to Freedom?

Watts to Freedom may not be available in certain conditions. The feature requires significant battery power, and if your vehicle’s charge level is low, the feature will not activate. Your vehicle's state of charge must be over 20% (two bars on the charging gauge) to activate the feature.



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To find out if your vehicle has this feature, contact your dealer or refer to your vehicle’s equipment list. Please check your Owner’s Manual for more information about features. 

Information on this page is specific to the GMC models below. If your vehicle is not on the list or these instructions don't apply, then please see your Owner's Manual.

  • Acadia 2020-2022
  • Canyon 2019-2022 
  • Savana Cargo Van and Savana Passenger 2020-2021 
  • Sierra 1500 2019-2022  
  • Sierra 2500HD and Sierra 3500HD 2020-2022 
  • Yukon and Yukon XL 2022