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CrabWalk is a unique 4-Wheel Steer mode available on the 2022 GMC HUMMER EV Pickup designed to offer greater vehicle maneuverability when you’re off-roading or parking. The feature allows the angle of the rear wheels to mimic the angle of the front wheels — allowing your vehicle to move more diagonally.

To Engage and Disengage CrabWalk:

1. Center the steering wheel and find the Driver Mode Control dial on the center console.

2. Hold the 4-Wheel Steer button on the left side (9 o’clock) of the Driver Mode Control dial for 6 seconds or until the CrabWalk animation on the central infotainment screen is complete.

3. When the 4-Wheel Steer button is released, HD Surround Vision will display on the central infotainment screen. An orange crab symbol will appear in the lower right corner of the Driver Display to confirm CrabWalk is engaged.

a. When CrabWalk is engaged, the rear wheels will turn up to 10 degrees in either direction.

4. To disengage CrabWalk, push the 4-Wheel Steer button again. CrabWalk will disengage automatically if speeds over 25 mph are sustained for more than 10 seconds.

Note: CrabWalk can only be activated when the vehicle is at low speeds (up to 1.2 mph).

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