Explore the new technology, driving capabilities and other key features available in your HUMMER EV.

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Crab Walk™

Extract Mode

Public Charging

4-Wheel Steer

Increase your vehicle’s low-speed agility, and achieve tighter turning circles. 

Crab Walk™

A unique 4-wheel steering mode that allows the vehicle to move diagonally.

Driver Mode Control

Change driving mode in response to road conditions.

Dual Level Charge Cord

Three-pronged 120-volt and four-pronged 240-volt plugs for charging at home or a public charging location.

eTrunk (Frunk)

Storage compartment with 12-volt auxiliary power outlet accessible under the power hood.

Extract Mode

Raise your vehicle to clear obstacles in off-roading situations.

Front Seat Video Player

Stream video on the infotainment screen while in PARK.

Google Assistant

Set up devices in your vehicle to work with Google Assistant capability.

Infinity Roof Reinstall

Reattach Modular Sky Panels.

Infinity Roof w/Sky Panels Removal

Remove and store Modular Sky Panels.

In-Vehicle Energy App

Explore your vehicle’s energy use and charging status, and customize charging settings and schedule.

Locking Differentials

Lock the wheels of an axle together to enhance your vehicle’s traction in off-roading scenarios.

Off-Road App

Command center for exploring and monitoring the motion and status of your vehicle.

One-Pedal Drive

Use only your accelerator pedal to help control vehicle deceleration.

On-Screen Aux Switches

Customizable control of up to six different accessories from your infotainment screen.

Public Charging

Learn about different charging methods and how to locate public charging locations.

Reconfigurable Display

Customizable dashboard display that provides key vehicle information.

Regen on Demand™

Use the paddle on the back of the steering wheel to slow your vehicle.

Super Cruise™

Learn how to use the first true hands-free driving technology for compatible roads.


System of up to 18 camera views of areas around and underneath your vehicle.

Watts to Freedom

Drive-mode feature that enables peak torque for a short time, enabling very fast acceleration.



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