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The Infinity Roof features four modular Sky Panels and a front I-Bar that can be removed for a unique open-air experience.

To remove the Infinity Roof Sky Panels:
  1. With the windows open and the vehicle in PARK or turned off, stand on your vehicle’s assist step to unlatch the Sky Panel’s two latches by pulling the front and rear handles to rotate them outboard approximately 90 degrees, or until they stop.
  2. Push up on the underside of the Sky Panel near the outboard edge to disengage the roof panel pins from the vehicle body.
  3. Grasp the outboard edge of the Sky Panel with one hand and support it in the middle with your other hand. Push up and pull out to disengage it from the central I-Bar.
  4. Repeat steps above to remove the rest. Carefully store each Sky Panel in the eTrunkTM using the provided Sky Panel stowage bags or Accessory Roof Panel Storage Kit.

Stowing the Sky Panels:

  1. Make sure your vehicle is in PARK or turned off. Engage the parking brake.
  2. Remove the four roof panel stowage bags from the eTrunk.
  3. Place one of the bags back in the eTrunk and smooth it out with the handles facing the front of the vehicle and the HUMMR EV logo on top. Carefully place one panel into the bag, weatherstrip facing the back of the bag.
  4. Zip the bag, checking to ensure that it’s closed.
  5. Repeat for every panel you wish to stow.
  6. Secure the bags, attaching the two straps across the cargo hooks, rear to front.
  7. Close the hood.

Removing the Front I-Bar:

  1. First, remove the front roof panels. Keep your windows open while removing the I-Bar.
  2. Locate the four fasteners, two in the front header and two in the center roof bow. (For their exact location, see your Owner’s Manual.)
  3. Locate the tool provided with your vehicle and use it to loosen the fasteners.
  4. Remove the front header fasteners.
  5. Remove the center roof bow fasteners.
  6. Lift the I-Bar out of the vehicle and put the fasteners in a place where you won’t lose them.


Note: The Sky Panels can be stowed in the eTrunk in any order. You can stow the front row of roof panels or all four

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