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To reinstall the Infinity Roof Sky Panels:

  1. Shift your vehicle into PARK or turn it off, unlock your vehicle, open the windows and reinstall the front I-Bar, if removed. (Scroll down for instructions on reinstalling the I-Bar.)
  2. Be sure both Sky Panel latches are rotated to the open position (handles point fore/aft). Look for a graphic on each panel telling you which of the four roof positions it fits into.
  3. Grasp the outboard edge of the Sky Panel with one hand and support it in the middle with your other hand. Carefully align the studs on the inboard face of the panel to the receiver slots on the central I-Bar without sliding the panel inboard along the weatherstrip molding. Rotate the panel about its inboard edge to align the studs and gently set the panel onto the weatherstrip.
  4. Push down on the outboard portion of the Sky Panel to engage its pins to the vehicle body, then rotate both latches inboard approximately 90 degrees, or until they stop, to lock the roof panel in place.
  5. Repeat steps 1–4 to reinstall any other panels.

Reinstalling the Front I-Bar:

  1. Find the word “Front” on the I-Bar to indicate proper installation orientation. When aligned properly, the studs should easily drop into the attachment holes (two in the front header and two in the center roof bow).
  2. Make sure the I-Bar is in all the way.
  3. Use the tools included with your vehicle to install the four I-Bar fasteners and tighten. Then tighten to a recommended torque of 22 Nm using a proper tool.

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