quick start


The eTrunk™ is a convenient storage compartment under the hood. It can be used to store items, including the Infinity Roof Sky Panels (See Infinity Roof Quick Start Guide.) Please use Sky Panel protection gear. 

Vehicle shown with available accessories

3 ways to open/close the power hood to access the eTrunk:

From inside the vehicle:

Make sure the vehicle is in PARK. Locate the power hood symbol (HOOD  OPEN icon) to the left of the steering wheel. Press once to open. To  close, press once and hold the button until the eTrunk is fully closed  and latched.  

Using the key fob (remote key):

Locate the power hood symbol (HOOD OPEN icon 2X) on the remote key. To  open, press twice, holding the second press until the hood fully  unlatches and begins to rise.  To close, press twice, holding the second press until the hood is fully closed and latched.

From outside the vehicle:

With the remote key within 3 feet (1 meter) of the front of the hood, locate the touchpad in the center of the front fascia. Press once to  open or close.  

Note: Always check to make sure the path of the power hood is clear of people, snow and other obstructions before operating.

For your security, please don’t include personal info such as phone number, address or credit card details.



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