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Watts to Freedom allows the GMC HUMMER EV to tap into its full power for very fast acceleration.

To Engage Watts to Freedom:

  1. Bring the vehicle to a complete stop, then press the traction control button located on the instrument panel twice.
  2. Use the steering wheel controls to confirm the Driver Information Center (DIC) pop-up that asks if you want to lower the vehicle to enter Watts to Freedom mode.
  3. Your vehicle will begin to lower, other chassis settings will automatically adjust and the Driver Display will show a Torque Gauge Capability graphic building to full torque.
  4. The Driver Display will instruct the braking and accelerator inputs necessary to initiate the Watts to Freedom launch sequence.
  5. Upon releasing the brake pedal, the vehicle will accelerate extremely rapidly.
  6. To slow your vehicle after the acceleration event begins, release the accelerator pedal and press the brake pedal.
  7. To disengage, press the traction control button or rotate the Driver Mode Control knob.

Note: Watts to Freedom is for use only in closed courses. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that driving style and acceleration do not endanger or inconvenience other road users. For detailed information on engaging this feature, see your Owner’s Manual.

Note: Acceleration in Watts to Freedom uses a significant amount of battery power, so it is not recommended to use it in situations when driving range may be an issue.

Note: Watts to Freedom may not be available depending on your vehicle’s current battery level. If Watts to Freedom is not available, you will see a message in your Display when you attempt to activate the mode.

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