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4-Wheel Steer is designed to offer greater vehicle maneuverability while parking at low speeds and on tight off-road trails. It is automatically engaged in your vehicle, optimized for each Drive Mode.

  • 4-Wheel Steer is turned on by default.
  • With 4-Wheel Steer enabled at speeds less than 25 mph, your GMC Hummer EV’s rear tires will turn the opposite direction of the front tires, offering greater vehicle maneuverability while parking or navigating tight off-road trails.
  • At low speeds, the rear wheels will turn up to 10 degrees in either direction.
  • At higher speeds the front and rear wheels will turn in the same direction. This improves stability of the vehicle during lane changes and wide turns.
  • In Off-Road Mode or Terrain Mode, the ratio of front-to-rear steering angle is increased, delivering even more responsive steering.
  • When your vehicle is turned off, the rear steering angle will return to the straight-ahead position.
  • Rear steering is not operational when the Super Cruise hands-free driving assistance feature is active.

To Turn Rear Steering Off:

  • Press the 4-Wheel Steer button located on the left side of the Driver Mode Control dial. You will see a message in your driver display when 4-Wheel Steer is turned off or turned back on.

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