Available 4-Wheel Steer is designed to offer greater vehicle maneuverability while parking at low speeds and on tight off-road trails. The system increases low-speed agility and allows the driver to achieve a tighter turn circle. The 4-Wheel Steer system is also designed to help improve vehicle stability when towing a trailer.

This feature also includes CrabWalk, a 4-Wheel Steer setting that allows the rear wheels to turn at the same angle as the front wheels — allowing the vehicle to move diagonally.

The 4-Wheel Steer feature has three modes: Automatic, CrabWalk, and Off.


Available 4-Wheel Steer is designed to offer more maneuverability in a variety of driving situations by syncing your front and rear tires in specific ways. The feature functions differently, depending on your drive mode. 4-Wheel Steer is engaged on your vehicle in Automatic Mode by default.

In Automatic Mode at low speeds (approximately less than 25 mph), your vehicle’s rear tires will turn the opposite direction of the front tires for maximum maneuverability. You may see this referred to in your Owner’s Manual as “out-of-phase” turning. At higher vehicle speeds (more than 25 mph), the rear wheels steer in the same direction as the front wheels to improve handling stability.

Here is what out-of-phase and in-phase steering look like:

The angle at which your rear tires turn depends on your front steering angle and the vehicle’s speed. As you approach 25 mph, the rear wheel angle will decrease in magnitude.

There is a limit to the angle the rear wheel tires turn — between approximately seven and 10 degrees in either direction, depending on your vehicle.


To turn Rear Steering off, you have to be driving slower than 1.2 mph (2 kph).

On GMC HUMMER EV models, press the physical 4-Wheel Steer button on the left side of the Driver Mode Control dial.

On other vehicles, open the Controls app on your infotainment screen then tap the Rear Steering button and select Off Mode. Press either button again to turn Rear Steering back on.


At lower vehicle speeds, Off-Road Mode uses a different out-of-phase steering calibration than the default Automatic Mode, offering more maneuverability on rough terrain.

Terrain Mode rear steering features similar operation as Off-Road Mode (rear wheels turn out of phase with the front at lower vehicle speeds). However, the ratio of front-to-rear steering angle is further increased in Terrain Mode, delivering even more responsive steering.


CrabWalk is a 4-Wheel Steer setting that allows the rear wheels to turn at the same angle as the front wheels. This allows you to move your vehicle diagonally, offering flexibility in off-roading situations.

For example, if the rear of your vehicle is facing an obstacle on the left side, and you need to turn your vehicle to the right to get around it, you might risk colliding with the obstacle in Automatic Mode.

In CrabWalk, you can move the vehicle diagonally to help avoid collisions with objects within your turning radius.

How to Enter CrabWalk

  •  The following vehicle conditions must be true prior to pressing the button:
    • Vehicle speed less than 1.2 mph (2 kph)
    • Steering Wheel is not in motion
    • Super Cruise™ is inactive
  • On GMC HUMMER EV models, press and hold the physical 4-Wheel Steer button on the Driver Mode Control dial until the animation on the infotainment screen shows the CrabWalk feature is fully powered up.
  • On other vehicles, open the Controls app on your infotainment screen.
  • Then, tap the Rear Steering button in the Controls app and tap the CrabWalk button. When CrabWalk is engaged on GMC HUMMER EV models, your infotainment system will automatically display Surround Vision.

As with other 4-Wheel Steer modes, there is a limit to how far your rear wheels will turn — an angle of approximately 10 degrees.

If you drive in CrabWalk above 25 mph for more than 10 seconds, 4-Wheel Steer will go back to Automatic Mode.

How to Turn CrabWalk Off

To disengage CrabWalk, press the physical 4-Wheel Steer button at any time on GMC HUMMER EV models. On other vehicles, you can either tap the crab icon on the left side of your infotainment screen or turn the feature off through the Controls app.

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