If you enjoy using Amazon Alexa at home, you can also use it in your properly equipped vehicle to play music, place calls, get directions and more.


Alexa Built-In, part of your infotainment system, offers many of the same skills and features as Alexa in your home. You can choose to set Alexa as the default voice system in the vehicle.

In addition to a properly equipped vehicle, you’ll need an eligible active service plan or trial and an Amazon account. Eligible plans include the Premium, Connected Vehicle and App Access plans.


Before using Alexa in your vehicle:

  • If you don’t have an Amazon account, create one at amazon.com
  • For best results, download the Amazon Alexa mobile app to your phone, which allows you to access linked accounts and media services. You can find it in the Google PlayTM† or Apple App Store®
  • Download the associated skills and link accounts to the media services you’d like to access in the Alexa mobile app in Settings> Music & Podcasts (e.g., Spotify, Audible, iHeartRadio or Amazon Music) 
  • If you are currently listening on a home device using the same account, no action is required and your skills will be available in your vehicle
  • Pair your phone with the vehicle via Bluetooth
  • Complete the in-vehicle setup process and link your applicable accounts
  • Tap on the in-vehicle Alexa app to complete the in-vehicle setup process or by scanning the QR code and signing in to your Amazon account


To wake Alexa, simply say “Alexa” and a command (Google built-in only). Alternatively, you can press and release the Push to Talk button on your steering wheel or tap the Alexa button on the center display.


  • Your phone must be Bluetooth® paired in order to make phone calls and access your phone contacts
  • After waking Alexa, say “Alexa, call...” followed by the name of a contact or phone number (e.g., “Alexa, call John Doe” or “Alexa, call 313-665-2000”)

*Apple CarPlay must be disconnected in order to make calls with Alexa.


  • With embedded navigation, you can ask Alexa to navigate by address, business name, contact name, home or work. Plus, easily search points of interest and add them as stops along the way
  • Say “Alexa, show me nearby coffee shops,” and Alexa will provide a list of the closest options on your center display which you can then navigate to
  • If you don’t have embedded Navigation or Turn-by-Turn Navigation, you can ask for route overview or traffic information (e.g., “Alexa, how long will it take me to get to work?”) 


  • To play music, say “Alexa, play” followed by the name of an artist, song, album, playlist, channel, podcast, book, AM/FM radio station or SiriusXM®station name or number (if your vehicle has SiriusXM)
  • Alexa will play content from the sources linked on your Alexa account (such as Spotify, Pandora, Audible, iHeartRadio or Amazon Music), or through your vehicle’s radio tuner

– Example: “Alexa, play Z100 New York on iHeartRadio”

  • You can control playback using commands such as “Pause,” “Skip,” “Next,” “Previous,” etc.

– Additional controls may be available for certain channels and service providers, including “Thumbs Up,” adding a station, adding songs to a playlist, etc. 


  • To control the temperature, say “Alexa, set temperature” followed by the desired driver, passenger or rear temperature. Auto mode can be set for front and rear temperatures 

– Example: “Alexa, set driver-side temperature to 68” 

*Note: Climate Control is not available in vehicles with Google built-In


  • To control volume in your vehicle, say “Alexa, set volume” followed by your desired volume level. You can also turn volume down through voice commands 

– Example: “Alexa, increase/decrease volume”

  • To mute/unmute volume in your vehicle, say “Alexa mute/unmute volume” 

*Not available on Google built-In 


  • If you link your account, you can use most of the functionality available on devices in your home with Alexa Built-In (select “Things to try” from the Alexa Settings menu to learn more), including:

– Find your nearest GM Dealership or auto service center 

– Find the nearest gas station 

– Control your compatible smart home devices

– Ask for the time, calendar information, weather, facts, etc. 

– Visit amazon.com/alexa-auto to learn about additional functionality 

For your security, please don’t include personal info such as phone number, address or credit card details.



How do I add the Alexa icon to the tray?

Hold and drag the Alexa icon to the App Tray, located on the left side of the screen. If successful, you should see the Alexa icon in the tray.

What music sources can I access through Alexa?

Alexa allows you to play music from multiple sources like SiriusXM®, Amazon Music, Spotify and TIDAL.

I have Pandora, SiriusXM, Spotify, TIDAL and other music streaming services on my infotainment system. Why does Alexa still ask me to link my accounts?

Media streaming services require you to download the associated skills from the Alexa app and perform account linking. If you have already downloaded the skill(s) and are listening on a home device, no further action is required.

What happens if I accidentally delete the app?

You may be able to download the Alexa app through the Google Play store. If not, reach out to Customer Support by pressing the blue OnStar button.

How do I wake up Alexa in my vehicle?

How you wake Alexa depends on what option you selected when you set it up.

You’ll either:

  • Say “Alexa” followed by the command*
  • Press and release the Push to Talk button on the steering wheel (a short press) to wake Alexa and issue commands
  • Tap the Alexa icon on the infotainment system to wake Alexa and issue commands

*Note: Only available through Google Built-In.

If you want to change your preferences, you can do so by tapping the Alexa icon on the Home screen of your infotainment system, then selecting the Settings menu in the upper-left corner of the screen.

Do I need Amazon Prime to use Alexa in the vehicle?

No. An Amazon Prime account is not required. 

Can I use Alexa with the same Amazon account in two different vehicles?

Yes. As long as you’ve signed in to Amazon in each vehicle, Alexa will work in multiple vehicles.

My spouse and I both have different Amazon accounts. Can we both use Alexa in our vehicles?

Yes. You should create unique personal profiles on your infotainment system and log in to your individual Amazon accounts in your unique profile using the USERS icon on the Home screen. The credentials for each account will be saved to the respective profile. For the best experience, you and your spouse should download the Amazon Alexa mobile app to your mobile device. 

I am eligible for the app but I do not see it on my center display – what should I do?

Confirm with your dealer if your vehicle is eligible to receive Alexa Built-In. Upon confirmation, press the blue OnStar button to connect with an Advisor.



Communicate with one of our specialists.

To find out if your vehicle has this feature, contact your dealer or refer to your vehicle’s equipment list. Please check your vehicle Owner’s Manual for more information about features.