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FOUR WHEELER'S 2021 SUV of the Year

Whether you’re racking up highway miles or traversing off-road terrain, it’s clear that Yukon AT4 has a special type of versatility. Ultimately, its dynamic off-road features, boundless comfort and classy styling helped lead Yukon to the prize. Visit to read more.


More premium, more technology and more capable than ever – that’s how the Next Generation 2021 GMC Yukon signals a first-class experience even before you sit behind the wheel.

Already the standard-bearer for large SUVs, Next Generation Yukon takes its premium quality to new heights. The bold exterior design, proud stature and meticulous craftsmanship of its refined interior all point to GMC’s precise attention to every detail. Underneath are advanced technologies and purpose-built engineering – a hallmark of authentic GMC capability.

These attributes were taken further for Next Generation 2021 Yukon Denali. As the vehicle to first introduce the Denali trim, Yukon created a unique position within the large SUV landscape by combining powerful capability with maximum levels of comfort. This premium experience has now been dialed up for the 2021 model year with an exclusive look and interior options that create even more differentiation. 

The significant changes to this legendary SUV don’t end there because the 2021 model year also ushers in the First Ever Yukon AT4. Delivering credible off-road capability with an exceptional driving experience, AT4 joins Yukon and Yukon XL’s full trim lineup of SLE, SLT and the iconic Denali. This all-new addition to the GMC AT4 family is specifically designed for adventure-seekers by incorporating upscale amenities, unique AT4 interior and exterior styling, and rugged capability to maneuver the road less traveled.

“From the start, our goal was to make 2021 Yukon a step above in every way by elevating the first-class experience, sophistication, advanced technologies and powerful capability that is expected from a premium SUV,” said Rich Latek, GMC Marketing Director. “This meant including more distinguished and unique features to Yukon Denali than ever before, while simultaneously maximizing the strength, capability and performance for an SUV that is as driven as our customers.”


No matter where it goes, Yukon is recognized for its commanding road presence. However, everything that you love has been taken to new heights in the Next Generation Yukon, culminating in an SUV that delivers the refinement you expect, without compromising on genuine capability.

The taller stance and higher hood line of Yukon’s front underscores the large, strong look of a powerful SUV. This proud appearance is amplified by a redesigned sculpted hood and new grille situated between updated signature C-shaped LED lighting elements.

The more sophisticated roofline is designed so the eye is directed to the back of the vehicle for an overall sense of motion. Chrome molding across the vehicle accentuates this overall feeling of movement.

For Next Generation Yukon Denali, this new design was taken above and beyond in terms of craftsmanship, attention to detail and integration of premium materials. For instance, the Denali exclusive grille features over 10,000 surfaces, with each single piece created to be different from the rest but elicits a harmonious design. Other details that accentuate its premium appearance are bright roof rails, chrome accented door handles and body trim, available 22-inch bright-machined aluminum wheels with painted accents, and twin polished stainless-steel tips on the dual exhaust system.


As always, Yukon’s interior possesses head-turning style, modern amenities and high levels of ride comfort. This is in addition to even more driver-oriented features, added premium appointments and an exclusive interior for Yukon Denali. 

The first thing you’ll notice is about the Denali-Exclusive interior is its many top-of-the-line embellishments. These include chrome accents that line the buttons and controls, as well as the Denali-Exclusive instrument panel that is punctuated with chrome accents. The first and second-row perforated leather-appointed seats feature a unique Fractal stitching. The Denali logo is also tastefully displayed in areas of the cabin like the front seats, as well as the bright door sill plates and in chrome in the center of the steering wheel.

This exclusive interior is further distinguished by four color themes, offering a wider selection than ever before. Each of these four distinct color themes feature unique coordinating authentic wood accents. The hand-finished stains, black and brownstone, give off an ombré effect, providing a gradual blending of one color into another.  

In addition to these refinements, Yukon is now available with the class-leading power sliding center console. By pressing and holding down a switch, the console slides back up to 10 inches. When the vehicle is in valet mode, a drawer under the main console storage is rendered inaccessible. The sliding console not only provides enhanced flexibility for storing and securing contents, but also makes the back cupholders and rear console controls more accessible to passengers in the second row when it is slid backward.

Another noticeable change is the spaciousness of Yukon’s cabin, which has allowed for improvements like 40 percent more third-row legroom and best-in-class cargo volume behind the third row. This significant architectural change was enabled in part by an independent rear suspension design that lowers the overall frame.

The available second-row manual slide bucket seats also add comfort for rear occupants. These seats can slide forward or backward to give passengers in the second and third row more room or make cabin access easier.

For those occasions when you need to carry cargo instead of passengers, GMC has made enhancements there as well. The rear liftgate opening is engineered to be at a lower angle, making it easier to place items in the cargo hold. The available power fold-flat second-row seats even fold flatter into the floor compared to previous models, providing added storage space that is more level.

The experience of this exceptional interior is augmented with the all-new available first-in-class four-corner Air Ride Adaptive Suspension, which delivers cloud-like ride comfort. The system automatically adjusts the stiffness of the suspension via variable-rate air springs, offering you a more comfortable ride regardless of whether the vehicle is lightly or heavily loaded.

Another benefit of the Air Ride Adaptive Suspension is that it allows drivers to either raise or lower Yukon up to two inches from its normal height, bringing even more convenience. For example, when using the Entry/Exit function, Yukon is lowered by two inches to make getting in or out of the cabin, as well as loading or unloading cargo, easier. This setting can also be programmed to function automatically every time Yukon is placed into park. Then, once Yukon reaches over 5 mph, it will raise to its normal position.

Additionally, the Air Ride Adaptive Suspension further complements Yukon Denali’s Magnetic Ride Control, which reads the road surface and then adjusts the suspension and damper settings in real time to give you an exceptionally smooth ride.


Whether it’s your daily commute or road trip getaway, the true measure of in-vehicle technology is evident in how effortlessly it can be used and enjoyed. That’s why the forward-thinking innovation behind Yukon’s smart, segment-first technologies offer true modern conveniences while helping you and your passengers stay connected.

The class-leading 10.2-inch diagonal touch screen with GMC Premium Infotainment System and available Navigation now features wireless projection for Apple CarPlay®† and Android Auto™. Wireless projection enables access to certain functions and select apps of your smart phone through the infotainment system without the use of a USB cord.

The class-leading available 15-inch diagonal multicolor Head-Up Display, meanwhile, can help drivers keep their eyes on the road, projecting key vehicle information on the windshield like imbedded navigation, music, speed and more.

These impressive technology features aren’t limited to the driver and front passenger either. Yukon offers the largest most advanced rear seat media system with two available best-in-class, high-resolution 12.6-inch LCD touch screens. These screens are mounted to the back of the front seats and offer first-in-class touch capability, screen sharing and tilting for better visibility.

Passengers can choose to entertain themselves with the rear seat media system by simply connecting a compatible streaming device, game console, tablet or smartphone via USB or HDMI ports. Content can be customized to each screen user, so two people can watch/listen independently. The system gives added flexibility with options to play audio through wireless headphones, your own Bluetooth compatible headphones or the vehicle’s full audio system. There’s even the ability for passengers to suggest destinations by submitting navigation requests to the center front infotainment screen. This helps drivers keep their eyes on the road if a passenger in the second row needs to provide directions.


Whether its increased visibility or greater peace of mind, Next Generation Yukon has an array of available features to help drivers feel more confident for the road ahead.

The available class-leading nine camera views can help with the hassles that come from all kinds of driving situations, such as towing a boat or maneuvering into the last available space in a tight parking lot. Quickly accessed through the infotainment system screen, the available camera views are:

  • High Definition Surround Vision for a top-down bird's-eye view of Yukon’s surroundings.
  • Rear Camera Mirror, which is a dual-function mirror that can be used as a conventional rear-view mirror or as a camera-based rear-view mirror to help drivers see around potential vision obstructions.
  • Standard Front Camera View shows front view with available guidelines to assist with parking and tight maneuvers.
  • Standard Rear Camera View displays rear view to assist with parking and tight maneuvers.
  • Front Top-Down View for a top-down view of the Yukon’s hood, bumper and front tires for tight maneuvers.
  • Rear Top-Down View shows the clearance between the Yukon and nearby objects.
  • Front Side View shows the position of the front tires when parking or maneuvering in tight spaces.
  • Rear Side View shows the rear sides of the vehicle to help allow the driver to view objects near the vehicle.
  • Hitch View provides a close-up, guide-lined view of the receiver hitch for precise alignment for trailer connection.

There are also several available or standard driver-alert and active safety technologies, including the new GMC Pro Safety Plus package that is available on Yukon SLE and standard for SLT, AT4 and Denali.  This package includes the following:

  • Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert can help you avoid lane change crashes by providing side-mirror alerts when a moving vehicle is detected within or rapidly approaching a side blind zone.
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert can alert you to detected left or right cross traffic behind you when in reverse.
  • Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning can help you avoid crashes due to unintentionally drifting out of your lane by providing gentle steering wheel turns when the system detects you are drifting out of your lane with no turn signal or steering activity. It can also provide Lane Departure Warning alerts when a lane marker is crossed.
  • Safety Alert Seat provides you the option of getting seat-vibration pulses on the driver seat-bottom instead of beeps for crash avoidance alerts.

Other standard or available driver-alert and active safety technologies for 2021 Yukon are:

  • Enhanced Automatic Emergency Braking, which can alert you when a front-end collision is detected to be imminent with a vehicle you are following. It can also help reduce the collision’s severity or avoid the collision by automatically applying hard emergency braking if you have not already or by enhancing driver hard braking.
  • Standard Forward Collision Alert can alert you when it detects a front-end collision is imminent with a vehicle you are following. The system also can alert you if you are following a detected vehicle much too closely.
  • Standard Front Pedestrian Braking can alert you when a collision is detected to be imminent with a pedestrian directly ahead at speeds below 50 mph.  It can also help reduce the collision’s severity or avoid the collision by automatically applying hard emergency braking if you have not already, or by enhancing driver hard braking.  Performance is limited at night.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control-Advanced uses sensors including radar technology to automatically adapt Yukon’s speed to maintain your selected following gap time with any vehicles detected ahead. This helps reduce the need for the driver to frequently brake and accelerate.
  • Standard IntelliBeam® headlamps, when it is dark enough and no other traffic is present, this system can automatically turn the vehicle's high-beam headlamps on and then turn them off when surrounding traffic is detected.
  • Standard Following Distance Indicator can provide you with the following gap time (in seconds) to a moving vehicle you are detected to be following to help you know if you are following much too closely.


Exceptional power, excellent ride and handling, and superior performance ─ that’s how Yukon continues to assert itself as a true GMC.

The 2021 powertrain lineup now features two enhanced gas engines and an all-new segment exclusive Duramax® diesel. Regardless of your choice of powertrain, each one is paired with a standard 10-speed automatic transmission and have been engineered to deliver the capability you need.

Standard for Yukon trims SLE, SLT and AT4 is the 5.3L EcoTec V8 engine , which offers 355 hp and 383 lb-ft of torque. The standard powertrain for Yukon Denali is the 6.2L EcoTec V8 engine, giving you a best-in-class 420 hp and 460 lb-ft of torque. Both feature a Dynamic Fuel Management system, which allows an engine to turn cylinders off when driving in situations that don’t require full power, like cruising on the freeway.

For those who desire the extensive driving range and capability of a diesel engine, the new Duramax® 3.0L Turbo-Diesel I-6 is available for Yukon trims SLE, SLT and Denali.  

In addition to these powertrains, the available all-new Active Response 4WD™ System gives drivers greater confidence. This fully integrated system leverages electronic limited slip differential technology to continually monitor input from the vehicle before automatically and seamlessly sending the optimum level of torque to the wheel with the most traction. So, in situations like pulling away from a stop on icy or slick roads, it will transfer the optimal amount of torque to the wheel with the most grip and provide the right amount of power to help prevent the vehicle rear from becoming unstable. It also helps the driver keep the vehicle under control when encountering scenarios like strong winds, changing lanes or cornering while towing.


Continual improvement means being unafraid to change and push boundaries – that’s the essence behind the Next Generation GMC Yukon. Better, smarter and a step above in every way – it is refinement and comfort that is fully-capable for your next adventure, whether that’s off the beaten path, or on well-worn pavement

The Next Generation Yukon will be available at GMC dealers starting summer 2020. For more information, visit the Yukon page, or sign up for updates and notifications.





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